Quality of life changes


I have been thinking of writing this thread for long time as I want to point out some changes that can be implemented to help this game further in achieving perfection.I know some of the ideas were already mentioned in earlier threads but I decided to put them together.

1.The unnecessary healing circle in dungeons of crown challenges.
2.A clock for daily rewards, Balancion trials,gaurdian beast ,six trials and special login rewards will be quite helpful.
3.The de- ageing dungeons should give more silver ,upto 15k will be great as it will allow to use the acquired fruits or 10k silver will be good too . In fact the 10 ticket quest in ultra evolve quests give out 12k silver so 15k silver would be reasonable.
4. The farming of ingredients can be improved as it becomes tiresome for players with large number of tickets , so a collective dungeon can be added which cost 3x or 5x or even 7x of the original cost and the number of monster in dungeon and rewards should be increased proportionally to the number of tickets. As
the issue of being brought back to the screen of ultra evolve challange to prevent the misuse of timer.
5.There shouldn’t be the boss battle animation when there is just one battle in dungeon,the skeleton mist is enough
6.The 3k silver from daily reward is really low.
This list is open to every criticism so feel free to tell what you think and if you got any ideas please mention them


A clock / countdown would be so useful! :ok_hand:t2: I also agree there needs to be options to pay more tickets for more silver / ingredients and yes the boss battle and healing circle could go