What quality of life improvements do you want?

We recently had:

  • “Claim all” on daily mission rewards
  • Daily missions reset timer displayed on the icon
  • Auto-battle toggle outside of battle
  • Adjusted bonus on a monster will display lit up
  • MBQ goes to the last page you used
  • MBQ completion progress is shown on monster selection screen
  • Favourite monsters so you can filter for them
  • A couple of other things I can’t remember?

The Devs seem open to making a lot of these quality of life changes lately. Are there any which you’d like to have? Also, you can suggest AI changes for monsters where they are doing stupid things.

My one:
Add a completion mark on the daily missions icon so you can see whether you’ve done them without needing to go into the menu.


I would prefer it if they made the daily quests either pvp or pve oriented (you get to choose)
I entirely despise pve and I would rather not be forced into playing it to get something pvp oriented

  • Use 50 tickets / Complete 1 PvP battle [1000 silver]
  • Use 100 tickets / Complete 3 PvP battles [1 gem]
  • Use 150 tickets / Complete 5 PvP battles [1 gem]
  • Win 1 Bond Quest battle / Win 1 PvP battle [1000 silver]
  • (other two as they are)
  • (when it’s “win 2 BQ” then add “/ win 2 PvP”)

Something like this? This is also with removing the current 5x PvP for 1 gem daily.


This change saves a lot of time lost between screen changes =)

(KD EDIT: Added the post from that thread rather than a link people have to go through to see it)



this seems much better


AI controlled Rocolossus tends to just load over and over again if it has made a kill and can’t use Raw because of protector. it rarely seems to actually use the mortar.

Mark Monsters (specifically ones with the active skill mark) - if there is a protector they just mark it multiple times without triggering. (mainly nefariodon). in fact Mark in general is pretty bad AI controlled.

Mushashoid - one of the reasons poison is so annoying to face in Buffed PvE is that he just relentlessly spams poison gas.

Chronotitan - He often targets the same monsters with both bomb attacks which is pointless.

Poison Touch monsters - target poison immune monsters when there are other options.

Sleep - monsters with the sleep skill target monsters with sleep immunity/insomnia

Double moves - targets camo mons when other options available.

Lebroid - doesn’t try to setup his dunk move, rarely uses rebound.

Gandalfrog - honestly idk whats on AI Gandalfrogs mind. rarely seems to do moves that work with his team. (likes to mark when better options available like charge ally, won’t use death sentence.)

Backbite Mons- murder thier own team. sivanna and wraithhost are pretty bad for this. its actually a fun PvE strategy to get Sivanna to low health and just let her kill her teammates. wraithhost prefers to use it instead of desperate bite.

monsters without mark skills- remove mark from monsters while there are mark triggering monsters on the battlefield. often immediately after it has been marked.


I have Some sugestion.

  • Auto +9 potion Epic/SE/Legend Button
  • Auto max fruit Button
  • Change "Delete monster " to any else like "Devolve monster "
  • Lvl 3 or 4 fruit and Silver grinding. Cost 90/120 Ticket
  • New Achievement after u clear event : Sotf , Verosia, Myth Colosseum, IC , UC

Auto Max fruit button would be amazing.

A “×2 or ×3” button for silver and fruit mines so that you can get multiple rewards for a single run (multiplying the cost accordingly). just to save a little time. could be useful.

i think that the PvE Training Area vs buffed needs to be updated similarily to how the PvP training is done. - eg using the top 50 UC teams from that season.

i also think that if defence of verosia comes back (which i hope it will only with more emphasis on how your team defends and a limit on poison monsters) - that there should be a Vs PvE with less buffed monsters but they are made of more variety of monsters. (randomised Mythics and leggys would work).

Friend request List - increase this from 50 to 100 and add a “dismiss” option for single requests - I like a lot of higher level players get a lot of friend requests from low level players, I’m not against accepting these however i like to watch them a little bit to see if they continue playing the game regularly since theres no point accepting someone who doesn’t play. also if someone asks me if they can send me a request and my list is full i have to remove all applicants to add 1.

PvP - i feel that there should always be some PvP option available for testing purposes. with no rewards. i also think that this should be available at all times so people can play while waiting for tickets to recharge etc.

Story Mode - there’s got to be enough new monsters now to add a new Chapter!

Jerbo - Should have a Mythic form.

an interesting idea ive had for a while is a “review” option where you can see exactly what happened in the last battle you fought - this doesn’t even have to be anything other than a text description of attacks and damage. would be useful for seeing how much damage attacks do to certain monsters in order to plan better for future battles. this would be great for tier listings as well.


I like to note, that if you make the AI very strong and failsafe, you’ll have to adjust every PvE event, specially the non recurring events for new players.

Imagine you play chess, and you’ll put the AI (chess AIs are at the most advanced optimization level) to highest level, you’ll never ever win.

I remember when I played the PvE events in the beginning and some didn’t work at all, because the monsters got different moves and speed than before (seen in the videos on YouTube). Later the devs had to change monsters out to make that matches not a 95 to 5% luck gamble.

I know it’s pointless that Crimseias uses poison give turn to itself 4x and then to a teammate on hold ground which results in killing it. But exactly that same behavior works on Utopion very nicely.

I can predict that most people who call the AI weak now, will want it back if it would become efficient.


I would like the players to have the option to choose whether to do the rewards in pve or pvp mode, however I would not like that by transforming the two missions into 1 single one we lose that gem that she’s so good . If it’s not too much of a problem, suggest adding two gems to the daily reward in case of a leak instead of just one gem.

PS: I don’t want us to lose a gem hahahaha :joy::sweat_smile:

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About the possibility to delete monsters, I think it’s a very useless feature that caused lots of trouble for many players / accounts before. Where friends or children delete your monsters intentionally or unintentionally.

A non catchable monster, that can only be obtained once, should be fully excluded from deletion.

As an additional feature it should be possible to choose all monster evolution forms in any PvE event to overrule the problem of cost in their different forms.

To restrict players to switch evolutions in PvP, you could add a drop evolution function to set the monster back to form 2. To restrict permanent switching, just let the evolution ingredients and silver be lost if an evolution downgrade is performed.

Edit1: If the daily mission is called ‘perform a silver/youthfruit mission’, the Youth Fruit Mission Level 2 and Silver Mission Level 2 should be also counted.

Edit2: I would like to see the training section reconstructed into a training/testing room. A place where you can test your monsters, test your own monsters against teams constructed by yourself. Teams with a self adjusted buff + or - level, with variable teamlength. Add a monster moveset constructor where you can exchange monsters skills to test how a monster would behave with different moves, including additional moves or passives just for testing or fun purposes. All that stays in that training/testing room only or can be tested in ‘duel mode’.

I can remember the most fun before were games, where friends created a crazy racing track for you, you have to play it and afterwards you created one for him.

Edit3: Rework the team slots, there are just too few teams that can be saved. Possibly let the user create subgroups like PvE teams, PVP teams, WT teams,… . My poll that time clearly showed that this opinion was the huge majority.

Edit4: A shortcut/favorite function, like Raghnius suggested or in a different form. Due to the server loading times mentioned by aR0y2810, it can be a hassle to jump from home to a specific point inside the game. The bond shortcut was a great and very helpful improvement and it can surely be optimized further for other favorite/shortcut purposes.

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@TNCGodZeus There is currently 1 gem from daily missions, 1 gem from PvP. My suggestion moves the PvP gem into it (making it 2 in total), i.e. no gem loss :slight_smile:

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i have made large edits lol.


Better server load times so we don’t spend 20 billion years connecting to servers


As much as it hurts me to say it, I think it’s well compensated that they force you to play PvP and PvE, that way you have more diversity of players in both aspects. So I think it’s good that there are benefits in both types of play. I think that if I had only played PvE (which is what I prefer) I would have left the game a long time ago, PvP has its own too, you just have to find a way around it =)

Average bond quest level between all your monsters, and for every 10th level you pass you get a nice hat for your monsters to wear


this honestly makes recording battles much easier

When i select “tap here to go to the event”

I want it to take me here

Instead of here


Now this will be funny uh :smirk:

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