What makes Novadrake so strong?

Hi all,

I just hatched a Novadrake yesterday. Of course the fast moves appear really strong. But my questionis: Do I have to build around an all dark theme or is he still S+ on his own?

Thanks for some insights and best regards

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still exactly the same, an S + that only needs a stun controller

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Nah. Just slap him anywhere and he can ruin your opponents day. He’s that op


Lol another unintended nerf thread


Most monsters’ moves are at least 100sec or 130sec. Novadrake’s moves are ALL 50sec. He has a passive which is supposed to be a drawback, but is just a slap on the wrist.
I will revel the day, which I see drawing near, Novadrake will get balance-hammered.

The way that passive should be handled is simple. Instead of 30% of remaining go, which is effectively infinite, it should be a fixed percentage, say 15 or 20, that will eventually kill it instead of having little to no consequence at all

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Tbh it only needs 1 turn to win the match


Read the monster analysis in the monsterdex if you ever want to know more about a legendary you’ve hatched!

Short story is: nope it can be built around for maximising assisted dusk but it’s also got the stun plan and raw bloodthirst. Assisted dusk is mainly just useful as a quick hit all attack, unless you’re going for the specific combo with enrage teammate for high damage.

Wow, I just double-checked and realized I mistook 30% hp total instead of remaining when looking through the new banner’s monsters. Holy cow.

This makes it really tempting to forego the advice to save for festival eggs when having few legendaries yet damnit :thinking:

This evokes memories of simpler times, when Novadrake was just useless and RAW was actually a restriction


Tbh, is there nothing else to do in neo that your only way (talking in general) to have fun is to ask for nerfs every day?


I’m with Dracarys, y’all get a life already you’ve complained enough lol

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@kuemmelsche to answer you thread:
It’s more complicated these days to base your strength in monsters like Nova. He is still pretty good but you need to have a good team building around him. That “team building” usually takes 4- 5 slots of your team and it’s all to make Nova succeeded. That said, if Nova comes into the field and you could not stun, then you’re done (since the other monsters of the strategy are usually support, they don’t represent a big danger by their own). Also, he is too weak and his last nerf made him even weaker (he cannot recover his life until he has 1 HP and he loses 30% HP in every move so literally he kills himself).
That was a way tu use him (stun based). You can also use him in a dark element strategy, since he deals a good amount of element damage. People usually use these strategies in FL but they are all weak to OoO (game over if they face a OoO), so maybe you could try it this way but also think in a way to overcome this weakness.
These two are the most common ways to use Nova, and they both could help you to get a top 100 position (with the rest of the team being decent of course). But you can’t rely on them if you want a better position in ranked PVP. As you can see they are both as good as risky, even more now with the many ways we have to counter stun…
Personally, I’ve used both in the past and I don’t consider any of them “actually good”. My advice is not to depend on Nova or any stun way strategy if you really want to succeed. Use the monster as a complement of a bigger and more complicated idea, maybe even as a support that also inflicts some pressure, but never as your main strategy

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He’s a problem for sure. One opponent i faced i was destroying him. He had 3 monsters left in his team and novadrake was one of them while i had 10 monsters left. I tell you no lies, novadrake alone destroyed my whole team and i ended up losing, better yet i disconnected on purpose when i had one monster left, i felt so ashamed and almost called it a quits

Says the guy who runs Lemon


his Mythic also got destroyed so I guess he wants a nerf too

Lemon’s a problem for sure. One opponent i faced i was destroying him. He had 6 monsters left in his team and lemon was one of them while i had complete control of the game and over half my team left. I tell you no lies, lemon alone put my whole team to sleep and i ended up losing with nothing I could do about it, better yet i disconnected on purpose when i had one monster left, but it didn’t matter because all of them were put to sleep by lemon anyways


Lol last season against King Ragnar I had 6 Legends in the reinforcement left while he had 3 left including Lemon
Lemon alone killed my 6 mon


Who me? I dont own a lemon lol

Thats tuff i hate to face that guy