Shiny Heavenswyrm( New Monster)

Is this one better than the normal one🧐



No, it’s worse. It is just for niche use in link shadow teams where you want a very effective healer. There are a few shadow monsters that benefit from this quite a bit.

I wish they could’ve made it link survivor+ or something so it wasn’t simply worse

Give it stealth all and you’ve got a game changer right there

Hot damn! Now I need to make a comeback in PvP to get enough tickets. My Link Shadow team is going to love that!

Would’ve been cool if it had Assisted Dusk instead, it would’ve made Noxdragon useless lmao

It’s not really worse than the original, but it’s not an improvement either. At least it has its niche!

I’m telling you this guy is Nova’s right hand man! It will keep Nova alive in PvE forever! :drooling_face:


Normal is better


I think it is not so much good

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Absolutely if we don’t count that Shadow desperately needed a link shield all monster! He is just perfect!

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It indeed seems to be good Novadrake support!

And it still can’t defend us from scarle fls

Excessive force😌
Kills raizen too:-;

Just use F.D. Salvia, you don’t need RAW for AoE spamming anyway.

It will still hit nova first

Well, only about ⅖ of the time, since (iirc) AP has a 60% chance to redirect attacks.

Unless they’re my APs, which frequently forget they’re supposed to redirect attacks