What is more rare?

What do you think is harder to get?

Arks with S rank,


1/200 rarity Ark? 

An S rank ark with a 1/200 rarity

Well, I dont know the exact numbers, but im pretty sure the chance to encounter an S rank arkadion is higher than 1/200. I say this from when I was grinding for the starters/wyrms, I encountered anywhere from 5-10 S rank arkadions before I found what I was looking for.

Lethalmilk is right :stuck_out_tongue: Thats rare!

S rank is about 1%, 1/200 is 0.5%.

There is ur answer!

Now that Ashley says that, I must have been using all my luck towards S ranks when I was farming :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont really care About ranks

Same jean, i mean i dont rely on luck i just get an ark and am like screw it im not spending hours of my life for an inanimate object in a game i just take whatever rank i have

Well… it depends on what S you’re trying to get. An S grade frostkit? Way harder than getting a 0.5%. An S grade gustbat? Way easier than getting a 0.5%.

And as lethalmilk says…

An S grade 0.5%?

In my dreams

I don’t get S rank for the BA’s I just like my shiny arks :wink:

As stated above though the rate for S rank may be higher than the .5% Arks but it really depends on what you’re farming. S rank hatchling/ starter is SUPER rare (my first Leafie! Yay!) S rank biteschool… not so much