Grade rareness?

How rare is it to find an s grade Arkadions? Is it just random what grade it is when find it or is there like a certain percentage it will be an s which is lower to the percentage of an e?

I’m not sure. I’ll assume its a percentage.

It seems to be about 1% chance for S, though we aren’t completely sure.

Wow I thought it would be more than that. Gonna take AGES if I wanna get most of my pvp team graded s

^ To get an S ranked Omegawyrm (assuming you get all S ranked hatchlings) you need to get a 1/20000 chance 4 times.

Not truee because some comes faster than others

Its gonna take ages for the rares to get them as S grade yes

I just farmed for higher grades it took me 3 tries to get an a rank ashie 1st try was 2 hours 2nd was 3 1/2 3rd
Was 2 hours 45 minutes and it was A rank

@above posts - Yeah, cuz grade boosters don’t exist or anything…


Hey i dont use them for my hatchlings until i fuse them infact i think i still have 2 waiting to be claimed, i used one on my starter to S it (bad choice i was a noob)

Yeah, I’d save my grade boosters for online missions, etc.

I hope the next mission ( after Gearhound ) Will include grade boosters again! Then I can make my Dreadwolf to S :smiley:

Yeah, i wasted my grade booster DX on accident i thought it was lvl booster and was flying by and dont even know what ark i used it on XD that was stupid of me.

This would fit in : your hardest hunter island fail


Do grade boosters take it up one grade or all the way to s?

Only up one grade

We all wish. <_<

We wish there would be a Grade Booster X that grades up ur ark 3 grades