A or S

I was just wondering everyone’s tactics. Do you stop trying to catch an Ark when you have caught an A class, or do you power on until you get an S class?

well it always better to have S rank then A rank :stuck_out_tongue: so if u got time and are motivated enough try to get S rank :]

S rank’s bonus action chance is 20%, while A rank is 11%.

However, don’t force yourself to catch an S rank, it is very time consuming and boring.

Some Arks benefit more from S rank than others.

For example, an S rank Puffoxin or Barricadus does not make a large difference, while an S rank Omegawyrm does.

In general, Arks with large TU moves benefit more from S rank.

You have to consider practicability as well. To me, farming an S rank Barricadus will drive me crazy.

I can’t wait until I have got my Omegawyrm to rank S. It’s D at the moment so I’m going to have to grind my PVP for it.

Just caught a Seabite rank A, and was wondering whether to rank it up or just wait until I come across an S class.

S is always better!

Seabite will evolve to Searex, and Searex is not worth the grade booster.

Nope Searex isn’t , he is good but not good enough to waste a Grade Booster

I wasn’t on about using a grade booster. Already wasted one on a hatchling in its early days. I was on about carrying on farming for an S class Seabite.

Well If u have the time then farm for an S Seabite and I made the same mistake using one on my Wyrms but its not a big a deal cuz i have an S Omegawyrm

Or start levelling up to 99…

I have so much lvl 99’s it wouldn’t be neccesairy hard to train an extra for me but for you it would be good to train it to 99

I think I’m gonna try farming for an S rank, then level that up instead of the A class one.

I went through the game catching whatever I could find, with the idea that I could return to catch S ranks at a later time. With that being said, that was during beta when I had the obligation to test the game for bugs. For that reason, I had to keep moving along and couldn’t spend too much time looking for S ranks.

Well it takes alot of time hunting for a S rank Seabite

I think I’ll stick with my A class one then. I like the game but I don’t really want it to be a chore, having to spend ages looking for an S class. The hatchlings took a lot of time.

Haha it will take maybe as long as finding a hatchling yes

In math it would take over a few weeks non stop im pretty sure to get an S omega without grade boosters