What do you think about Prismegasus?

My first impression was, wow what a huge difference between 2nd and 3rd form I think we never had before. Second form has no stealthbane, rockoids instead of diamantoids and no stun immunity. A mythic forced to awaken it.

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The main thing that got my attention was it’s passive, Linker. In the right set up, that could lead to some unique but deadly combos. Imagine if someone had a fully awakened Novem and Prismegasus in their team alongside some powerful fire monsters; it’ll be crazy.

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Yes I totally agree. That was my second thought when I saw the passive. But aluminoids or goldoids should be more 2nd form mythic like. It is a little bit stingy. :wink:

That’s why you should not even think about rolling this egg. Skip it and dont waste money

Money of course not but Dolph is in this egg. :thinking:

ya, imo the second form needs a little more to be useful and worth the 12 cost to be used in a lot of lineups

I think is really OP this monster, but needs to be awaken

I agree this monster is a bit lacklustre in the second form. I guess the Devs decided “linker” has some serious potential and it’s very useful so that part of it is enough to give it use.

It’s reasonable enough with link give turn and link double retribution in the second form, but not strong enough for most top PvP teams… which I guess is where most mythic second forms are at.

It’s link single give turn on both 2nd and awakened forms not double

Sorry that was a typo, corrected.

I’ve just tested the damage on link double retribution… WAY higher than on the normal double retribution.

The awakened form will do 4680-8150 damage (varying based on enemy defence), so it will one-shot everything except for the tankiest mythics. The second form will do 3950-6900 damage, so it will one-shot everything except for high defence + high health legendaries.

At only 100TU on a monster with good defence and health that’s surprisingly viable, even on the second form of the monster. With stun immunity on the final form it has some serious power. Each time Prismegasus gets a turn you either double sweep, stealthbane to take out an annoying stealth monster or (as a back up) give turn at only 100TU to a monster which will do more for you. It should fit into practically any link team due to that sweeping power.

Do you have it already awaken? :scream::scream::scream:

Have him yet?

Yes waiting for tickets to get silver to awaken him

you spend thousands on eggs but don’t spend on refreshing tickets

No worth to refresh tickets got 800k silver

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@Killerdog When you put a mythic into a tier class is it only valid for the awakened form?

Yeah I rate them on their final form

I will give you some feedback asap

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Would it be much more work to also rate the 2nd form for the “normal (f2p) player” like me? To awaken a mythic I can only dream from and I think 2nd and final form of Prism and maybe some other mythics will be different.

You should rate both 2nd and awakened form because let’s be real 1-3% of the player base actually have multiple mythic awoken

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