New Legend From IC


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ok i might get flak from this but I kind of like how they are trying to bring useless monsters like epics and such back into a meta just my thoughts


Hes awesome. My only issue with him is 95 speed and retribution. Very good chance he will go before any of his allies die.


I wish he looked more like the doge meme


Yeah that’s a weird one, not part of the moveset I like. However, the 95% speed is definitely for the SS to buff the epic teammates before they get turns. Retribution is what comes after for sure, second move.


Lavamane fl is crying in a corner.

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Lava is already nowhere to be found. Poor guy


That’s cute Lavamane…


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I think Jamalj still gave this poor thing a last try days ago, then he gave up.


This guy going to sort pvp into teams that have him and teams that don’t. 2 goldoids is and overwhelmingly persistent protection

Combine it with atra and you will cause issues.


Thats an excellent point. Or auro… goot lort. 50% chance of an unlimited goldoid army. Astrogolum endgame with Canni entrance lead… ddddayum.


You’re right about the goldoids being annoying. However, I don’t think that will be the strongest part of it. I think mostly people will use this in the front line with some epics that can then sweep like all the assisted all monsters. I’m tempted to say that Canishogun might need a time restriction of 100s from start of battle on that SS but I’d like to see it first.

2 diamonoids > 2 goldoids I think, plus on Dolphreeze those come automatically rather than needing to use a 130TU move.


Dophin summon free 2 diamond roid and Canishogun sum 2 goid 130s . lol wtf logic ???


I got to be honest, sometimes I think Goldoid is better than diamond. With diamond you know once it’s gone it’s gone but Gold keeps coming back alllllll theeeee daaaaamn tiiiiiiime

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My Nulltron loves goldoids


He’s like mmm goldoid, mmm goldoid as he eats them happily


Nulltron won’t be able to kill these goldoids with execute because those will be goldoids on steroids (triple the defense)


Being stun convertor & 95 speed is pretty darn good,


Its RIP fire monsters that what it means.


That is unfortunate for fire element monsters
In line lounge it had stun counter but I think having stun convertor makes it balanced