New mythic and Halloween eggs?

I’m curious about your thoughts on the new mythic in the second Ani festival and to know if we’re still expecting a Halloween egg. I had about 500 gems going into the new festival. I got pretty lucky on my first 3 rolls landing a Dolphreeze and Razorstorm, the two I was really interested in.

I don’t really spend enough to get any third form mythic anytime soon, so I’m more concerned about her second form and if it’s worth rolling another 7 times for the guaranteed mythic. If we still think a Halloween egg is coming then I think it is probably better to wait but as of now, we haven’t heard anything about it right?

I hatched 30 eggs and got the new mythic twice but no legendaries, so I’m disappointed. They seem strong but too situational for most players too use well. In regards to Halloween, there should be a festival egg then

Yeah, I think her third form is incredibly strong with instant PM, high speed, and the ability to very quickly increase the enemy’s TU by 50% while accelerating teammates. But in the second form without PM and only a 35% TU increase, I think she would be too inconsistent to be used in anything other than a pure stealth team.

Thank you for your input, and hopefully, more luck will come your way soon!

Her second form is crap. Dont waste the gems just for her.

I was hoping for ANY of the legendarys, got her twice instead :expressionless:

@Killerdog what are ur thoughts on the new mythic?

Simply put…

Final form = niche use in stealth teams. However, I might be wrong because the Frozen wave+ deceleration is incredibly strong. It’s just that it has so little aggression and two moves that feel very situational.

Second form = pretty bad. The strong parts are weaker and it loses the SS that adds strong synergy.

@Killerdog what if u use her w jaguardian and dracorosa? Surely u’ll be able to have a nice combo w them

No real synergy with either… other than speeding up their attacks if they can remain stealthed??

Yah i guess probably the best unit to pair her with is glaciaron then

It’s best not to put her on your team. Shes really bad.

I think her third form could have a ton of utility in the right team, but second form might as well be useless. As far as this festival goes I’m pretty much just psyched to have a dolphreeze.

Yah i’m one shard away from awakening her and i just dont know if its worth it to hatch more for the final shard. I’m havin a hard time coming up with a team for her to shine

I am exhausted of gems and not going to spend on this waifu banner. Now I will save for new year or any festival egg next year. This egg does’nt seem to be too good and of you have already got two legendarues then you may get 1-2 more but not the feautred ones as the drop rates of feautred monsters you don’t own decrease drastically after hatching 1-2 feautred mons.

You… my god you are so wrong I’m legit flabbergasted… please dont give players false information stating it as fact.

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I agree this egg is pretty poor after dolph and razor. I don’t think the drop rate for any given mon drops after getting any featured monsters though.

Thanks for pointing it out. I’ve removed the post.


Instead of spreading false information, better tag that thread right here so we can have a look? I think you misunderstood something even though many people including me have told you many times that odds are not affected by any type monster you hatch. There is currently no pity system in Neo that would do such a thing.

Just have a look at this @Exu
And you don’t need to repeat something already typed by two users, one being a moderator; just to grab some attention. I’m sure that if you were a Neo Monster then you would definitely have ‘AttentionCrave’.
A few things I would like to clear with you:

  • No need of useless replies to me which consist only what others have already told.
  • If you don’t get a reply birthing any argument then no need to personally message me asking me to reply you. I am not an idle child like you. I’ve got some real work to do other then arguing with you over here.
  • Stop trying being a smartass to troll people. I already did apologize but I believe I shouldn’t have. But you can’t digest it, can you ?

Same goes for another foe too, though I am not gonna mention him/her just to avoid another argument. S/He knows whom am I talking about.

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Whoa there… You misunderstood it… again. I could reveal what else went on in our private messages but it wouldn’t be fair so I won’t. I’ve never before seen someone with such a lack of self-awareness! I think if you carry on like this you’ll soon get banned.