New normal pool mythics

Here are the 2 new guys that you’ll always have a change to get from a mythic egg. They each look quite scary in their own way!

First there’s Kuromasa… this guy’s pretty nutty. Similar to the Rockoid in that he’s a self sustaining rock user, provided that there’s already a rock for him to use in the first place. But with double catapult, he can take it a step further and actually generate rocks while he’s double pierce sweeping! Crazy stuff. Having the same survival potential as jingledragon is nothing to sneeze at either… devour is harder to discount in his case since he’s not required to keep his health at Max to do his job. And don’t forget a quick little aoe to pick off weak/1 hp targets is a nice quick way to garner those rocks too! Probably best to have a GT around though. And we’ve all seen plenty of the nastiness that raw throw is capable of.

His second form actually differs quite a bit; dual throw in place of raw throw. So he essentially has 2 versions of the same move, selectable based on preference. Have access to 2 weak targets? Use throw to save TU. Otherwise you stick to catapult to guarantee their demise with piercing and defense ignoring. I quite like this system, avoids spreading him too thin and gives him a highly specific game plan that he can adhere to with added versatility, as opposed to the awakened form that has to decide between 2 wildly different sweep options. TU hits even harder in 2nd form since both options are super high… but with a GT he can still be truly frightening. I had the fortune of getting ahold of this guy at the very advent of his arrival, so I’ll mostly certainly be putting him to the test to see how he holds up!

Then there’s Plumesilisk… this thing looks scary. Auto taunt sounds like an absolute nightmare to deal with, and stun absorber will work wonders since the opponent will have no way to reliably take advantage of his getting stun locked short of bypass moves. But the TRULY scary thing imo is the lack of any particular weakness. No killer vulnerabilities or nothin’. A certain few like Novedomina and Nightlord may certainly give em trouble, but other than that once he gets in your way, you’ll have no choice but to scramble for a plain and simple damage dealer to get this thing out of the way unless you want to rely on taunt rng. And then there’s his damage options! Bring a bird or two, and he’s just good to go for 100 TU sweeping. And then of course the nonsense that is double counter strike… yeesh. That’ll bode incredibly well with the wave of scary new electric types. Shield ally is kind of a niche little perk, TU is far too high to be of any real concern, and dunno what to really say about baby summon yet since we haven’t seen the first form’s moveset yet.

2nd form looks solid enough too, only really a 10% difference in block rate and the lack of dcs. Still seems to have more than enough to pose a threat. This thing’s on the field, you’re going to want it gone ASAP no matter what. Even if you’re packed full of raw and sneak attack, he’s fully capable of making you pay for ignoring him. So yeah, first impression, VERY solid monster. Crazy that this isn’t event exclusive imo


Nightlord’s TSA damage was nerfed in one of the las 2 updates I’m completely sure of that because 2 months ago it one shotted anything if there was an enemy above 400 TU and now it doesn’t one shot the tanky monsters

Oh I was referring to birdshot not TSA lol, tis why I singled out Nightlord specifically. But yeah now that you mention it, Raizen and others with multi timestrike could dispose of him with relative ease. Does require a stun first tho

wow,they are great but little meh on second form,but I am still love brutalaxe .I think he is “change form” from forgotten legendary bahamuzar.And for plumehemoth he is best support from dolphreeze and 5th dolphoenix,the bad thing is long time I am not see bird monster user in pvp.But thanks the element is water ,water is most of best link on pvp ,and now this is more harder to defeat them

Oh, Baha was never forgotten. Shop exclusive monster with shield entrance and swift dual catapult, also no weaknesses. Hard to take out before he destroys two monsters and then summons 6 rocks to the end of the team. Can then be backstabbed to bring in Timberlord or another fast throw sweeper. Trust me, this guy has a lot going for it.

oops,sorry i missing that thing.btw why I am nearly never meet him on pvp? 100 battle maybe I only find 1 player with bahamuzar

He is great in a pure throw team but there are many more viable options fore current meta PvP teams as other monsters can do the same damage as him quite a lot faster. Also, now that he is shop exclusive, people tend to go for Atra, Flocco, Goldtail or Icefang instead.

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Both mythics look very viable in second form

The amount of bullshit that is Auto Taunt is second only to Instant True Hit. Trigger rate is surpringly high too.

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I love both of them, very good monsters tho

I’ve been waiting for Auto Taunt for a few months :grinning:
I don’t use any protect monsters so hoping to hatch him

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