Well...that was eventful

Ran into a stun dude about an hour or two ago. He started off with Raioh/Kentucky. Stun gifted into a Raijin. Stun Blast or whatever. My first three were all at or near 1000TU at one point. Even more annoying was that he had a Stegospike and a Charcalynx out.

The funny thing was with all his stalling, I ended up stalling him too. My first three were Barricadus/Destructor/Metallodus. Don’t know if he was purposefully trying to hit my Metallodus or Barricadus but he was poking for about 12 or so damage at a time. 

Needless to say it was pretty annoying. Waited quite a while for me to get a hit in. Funny thing was, I ended up just brute forcing him and he quit at 1 Ark left. 

Kinda funny I thought hahaha. 

How do you get a Charcalynx by the way?

Charcalynx is an egg-only.

Very useful if you know how to bring out its full potential. I like to use him on occasion.

I wouldn’t use those early stunners though…it’s dangerous to rely on just one strategy. In this case, it’s heavy stun and then bloodthirst. Easily beatable.

But…Charcalynx is capable of OHKOing virtually every monster in the game. I’ve used it to wipe out 8 monsters before it died. Effective monster for strategists.

So yeah…gratz on winning.