I fought about 5 times against the same Player in a row and lost without doing any action just watching him kill my archs.

His three starting arks are Angelon rajin and rajoh.
He first hasted his arks with angelon and then stunned my arks with raioh and rajin.
Then he killed his angelon with the healing ability and now Gremknight Stegospike and charcalynx apeared.

He always stunned my arks with stego and hasted his with Grem.
After charcalynx killed the first Ark of mine the game was nearly over because he can kill one after another with one hit.

Does anybody now Which Arks are usefull against this strategy?

Sure finally someone who isnt sitting there yelling nerfff nerfff!!! Lol

There are a few ways to beat this combo! Depends which suits your team better :slight_smile: you can start off with three stun skin arks to stop that pesky charca!

You can use chopperbugs scramble to ruin his line up

Mettalo+heavy hitter+barri is also very annoying for a stun user! Especially when metallodius sucks up all that stun!

Mossgolems siesta ruins the line up!

Gremknights knock back is good as well for getting rid of one of his stun arks reducing the window of time that charca has to kill you :slight_smile:
Btw this is coming from a stun user!! :wink: so keep it a secret :wink:

Each of the above suggestions will work very well. I personally like the metallo and barry combo or you can check out my post to see what my opening lineup is and what it did to my battle against a stun user. But all are solid suggestions

Glad that you didn’t just complain about this thing but actually tried to find a way to beat it.

I totally second that.

ORRRR you could just wait till that OP Noobish team that that person is using gets nerfed… Just my opinion  :wink:

with the current ark roster released at the moment…

if the stun user knows the combo really well, there is no counter its a locked win from the start 100%, the moment you you make the first move the match is already lost(unless you play a stun team too then it’s a matter of who gets the first move). if you meet one of these, usually marked with 3 stun wind arks in the initial 3 line up or 2 wind stun arks and 1 ark with retreat, just make the first move, put your phone down and get a snack or watch something on tv, because it’s already game over.

However fortunately a lot of  players still unfamiliar with all the arks in the game, so there is a chance to beat such team if you get a player still learning the combo. barricadus, metallodius, and moss golem serve just as time stallers to the inevitable. Arks with scramble will help too.  Stick all these arks along with making sure almost all the arks in your line up have beastbane, so when charcalynx messes up, you 1 hit charcalynx. By then however charcalynx has probably already wiped out more than half you team if there is actually a window of opportunity to take out charcalynx in a single turn, 

the idea is to fill up as many anti stun arks in the beginning of the team as possible so there are too many for the stun user counter everyone.

doing this however will weaken your team against regular non stun teams.

and if the stun charcalynx team incorporates super arks like minespider, vegitiger, and other egg only arks at the end of the line up, you don’t have a chance, even if you break the charcalynx combo. 

the best counter is just to wait for the update, when stun is fixed and pvp returns to normal.

It’s very possible to beat these teams as if you’re on the same playing field. It does take strategy though. A strong team won’t be destroyed by their scamble but it is important to get rid of gremknight so they have less control.

not really, first 3 arks are stun sacrifice, stick gremknight somewhere is the 4th or 5th position, a monsters stunned before gremknight even shows up, then stun team knocks back all counters. like i said 100% locked win. By then stego has already shown up combo’d with gremknight haste and knockback means single turn game and your team is permanently stunned all the way to the end . There is no counter, no way to avoid this. You lose before the match even starts. You get only 1 turn in the very beginning, and there’s nothing you can do to avoid permanent stun after.

why someone would want to win like this, i’m not sure, the guarantee win novelty wears off after a while. this type of team must get boring fast, and only upsets everyone you play against.

so if you want to learn how to counter a strong stun team like this, there is none. The counter is waiting for the update.

sure there is =D

Ive bested these teams you mention about 50/50. So they arent 100% perfect. And some of these teams are handeled as perfectly as could be expected. Your opinion is they arn’t beatable. I’ll tell you that they are.

Don’t misunderstand, i think these stun teams are crazy powerful, and yes it is easier to wait for the update, but why not try and get a strategy that can win against it (even if it’s not a garanteed counter). I’m not going to stop playing just becuase there are tough oponents out there, becuase frankly there will always be tough oponents and that IS why we play. For the challenge to be the best.

Agreed! If i didnt run my stun team do you some noobs think it will honestly be that much easier to beat me? I mean think about it… Ill just use all my s ranked wyrms mixed with bari and mine spider, throw in a vegi tiger and still dominate… You are losing to someone who has spent more time in the game and so you should… They should focus on getting better instead of complaining!

I’ve seen a lot less stun teams in pvp lately, it’s been far more enjoyable.

Ain’t that the truth!!! Hallelujah!

is the same thing happened to me too … in fact he only played him I could not do anything, I do not even seem right and like cheating

when masters level opened, all the stun teams automatically migrated over there, I think after a while people just got sick of playing against each other stun stun stun stun stun… my guess is even the stun players got tired of playing other stun teams, because in expert level there are a variety of teams… but master level was only stun for a few days. :slight_smile:

or maybe stun players got bored with the same stun process over and over, and started new teams.

I know if I ran the same stun team over and over and over I’d get bored, so maybe they did, and that’s what caused the halt of stun teams, or maybe they know that once the update hits they’ll be rendered useless anyways