Needs to be dealt with!?!?

I was in a battle and some guy had all these things to stun and got my first 2 arks to over 1000 tu and there was a charlynx or something like that whic took my new one in every time and I didn’t even get an attack for 9/10s of the battle (other in the battle which made it bad was gremnight, stegeospike, raioh and rajin)

Anyone else had this problem??

That’s a popular method that people call “Charca+Stun” or “Charc/Stego” or whatever.

Basically, Charcalynx has a move that increases its power by 4900% for every monster it kills. The stunners are there so that you can’t kill charca.

Worry not, this will be fixed soon enough.

I suggest using the search function in the top right corner of your screen.  Typing in “stegospike” or “charcalynx” would return several similar rants.