Team with Charcalynx?

I have read some topics in this forum about Stegospike and Charcalynx.

Can someone post a video or explain how Charcalynx works with Stegospike. I quite didn’t understand why in this forum most of people say they are powerful when combine together.

Charcalynx only take 13 or 23 damage per attack (I mean when beginning) and Stegospike can only stun 1 Ark. So the opponent can use another 2 ark to take down Charcalynx before Charcalynx can kill ONE. I mean how can Charcalynx kill ONE WITH 13 DAMAGE!!

You see, the whole purpose of the strategy is to use stunskin arkadion first, so that the opponents are at 300+ TU.

then there is haste+stego+charca. Stego can then lock them all in near-permastun due to being able to stun a lot for less half of the TU. Add a single BA and the match is set.

Once Charcalynx kills a monster, its power is boosted 4900%, and it’ll just keep tearing through the opponents team. a OHKO for every 62TU, while the enemy only has no way to move at all.

Thanks Tiberius, at first how can you build the team with that, I mean only three arks in a row, how can you stun all of three oponents and predict to go with all three haste+stego+charcalynx in a row? @@ quite hard to explain for U to understand @@ my English is second language @@

I’m very bad at those strategy :slight_smile:

How to use stunskin at the beginning at the game?

I used to do charca+stun, just don’t do it bro, it’s asswhole thing

The game will be updated and Charcalynx+Stegospike will no longer be a possible combination. And even if it is possible, and I happen to figure it out, I will never release it or use it in public. Neither will anyone else, I hope.

What’s going to make it impossible?

If you (the OP) want to know how the stun deck work, play some PVP, there are those teams all throughout, although thankfully less now than there were a few weeks ago

If Stegospike is nerfed like they say it will be, permastun will no longer be reliable support. Actually, no…it will definitely fail, considering BA will be capped too. I’m not saying that it will be 100% fixed…but if Charca isn’t changed, I’m sure that many veterans, including myself, can come up with something to make it work. Only this time, I’ll never use it (hope they won’t either), and it’ll take longer for people to come up with it. By that time, the staff will have been notified of the fact that it works, and it will be changed before this stunfest can happen again.

…I hope.

Stegospike by itself doesn’t need to be nerfed except for the for possibly the number of bonus actions. I have a C stego which doesn’t get very many bonus turns. It is certainly not a game changer. The combination of the stego/charca is the problem. If they increased the TU per charco turn, you would have a chance to kill it with the next ark that enters the field. Right now the timing lets either the charca destroy you or the stego stun you as your next ark enters the field. Also I think an ark that is stun proof and one that is sleep proof would make things more interesting.