Vulcaroth V.2

So I was building a new fire link team and was going though all my fire legends deciding which ones I’d use and landed upon Vulcoroth. Now too me he has one of the coolest designs and a decent moveset, however his lack of any passives makes him quite underwhelming. As far as limited legends go i think they should atleast have 1 passive, especially for him since his moveset is on the high sec side and not really overpowering. I was hoping the devs could show him some love and give him something. I was think maybe Death revenge as a deterrent to keep him alive longer and kinda fits his evil theme. I dont think such a cool monster should be wasting away on my teams bench. What does everyone think, does he need a passive ? What other passives would benefit him ?

Auto Poison Chance can help him generate additional targets for Double Poison Eater. Shield Entrance or a random Immunity wouldn’t hurt as well.

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I thought that at first but it would defeat the purpose of him having double poison touch aswell as his SS being poison typhoon.

Asked it for ages. He need a passive.

Chance auto poison will fit great, as he usually wait a long time for his turn as he got high TU moves (plus stunable). It will make him usefull even without getting his turn.

Another option is stun immue as its always welcome, especially on a monster with high TU attacks as it wont make him OP.


I did think up a unique passive skill for him. I call it “Eruption” ( Suits his Volcanic theme). Basically its toxic entrance combined with roaring entrance. It would suit him perfectly since he has high tu moves. Atleast with this passive he would be more of a threat and worthy of his limited legend status and actaully find his way into teams. It might be a bit too powerful as it would give him possibly 2 kills off the bat. So alternatively it could be just Toxic entrance combined with Stun entrance.

Death revenge you say? You have my attention

Cannibalize instant kill 2? No thanks.

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Yeah I did think that would be too much which is why I suggested the alternative which is fine since there are counters too stun.

Why not the passive:

  • Double poison gambit (poisons two random enemies on entry)

Then change the secret skill to:

  • Toxic eruption, sacrifice the user to deal massive damage and poison to all enemy monsters. Cannot be used until double poison eater has been used and 100s has passed since this monster’s first turn.

The damage would be megabomb type damage.

This would fit with the current style of him causing chaos after some time has passed and the entrance helps him support poison teams better.

Can’t say I’m a huge fan of the secret skill idea, but I do love Double Poison Gambit as Poison Gambit itself is surprisingly rare.

Double poison gambit wont help him. He usually doesnt have a problem to lay down the first attack. His passive should help him overcome his bad spots, which are high TU attacks and no defensive paasives.

Agreed, which is why I suggested an Immunity in my first post. I would’ve been specific, but I wasn’t sure which one would be best. Stun Immunity seems to be the best option, but Accelerate Team helps the TU issue slightly, on top of the sheer amount of Stun Immune monsters. Sleep Immunity perhaps?

I think double poison gambit was the passive people agreed on most in the past when we’ve brought up Vulcaroth. It might not be needed for him so much but as general support for poison teams it’s good. I’d argue it’s great for him too because he has one of the highest speeds out of poison monsters and so there isn’t a huge window for the opponent to purify before he gets a turn.

The “toxic eruption” secret skill idea was something I came up with while writing that. I was trying to think of how it could work as a passive… like a passive which deals damage to and poisons all enemies when it dies? Doesn’t seem to fit the design perfectly, especially because Vulcaroth isn’t the most threatening monster while on the field.

Here’s another “eruption” passive idea I had… Lava flow, each time Vulcaroth hits an enemy there is a 25% chance of it also hitting the enemies either side of the target. For double-hitting moves this will trigger on each hit.

Tbh poison revenge can also help him. Opponent can either wait till he use poison typhoon to set up teamates, or kill him for the same effect.

I do like the idea behind your SS sugestion, however I think his current SS also suits him well. I dont like the idea of sacrificing him since you’re really trying to set him up to get his bloodthirst going. I would like to see him have a unique “eruption” passive though, it’s just hard coming up with something that wouldn’t make him seem Op lol. I was also thinking it could be a revenge passive, something like death revenge paired toxic revenge. I feel like a heavy deterrent would keep him alive long enough to charge his bloodthirst.

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