New mon - skelewing

hmm that + poison eater will make him quite good loving the design aswell.

Maybe poison revenge right? (Passive)

the passive is poison entrance (single target)

The other moves are poison gambit (random single poison entrance), poison Eater, and pullback.

and speed ?


I got him awhile ago, I will love this monster


I love mons with pullback.

Took me a while. Here’s his ultra evolved stats and moves.

edit: As others have stated, this guy has pull back as opposed to step back, so disregard the rest of the comment.

Seems fairly weak to me compared to Blitzdragon and Shinobidragon. Poison doesn’t disable. So when he’s lacking Stunning Entrance and doesn’t even disable a single target like Shinobidragon does via his Sleep Entrance, then he has a hard time surviving for Poison Eater, let alone Bloodcrave. The latter of which loses its condition when you use pull back.

Blitzdragon has just a stronger synergy overall and sleep is generally significantly more valuable than poison. Guaranteed 1 random enemy sleep on entrance? Fairly nice. One guaranteed poison? Uh, not so much comparatively.

Youre focusing too much on his entrance. He has good synergy with a poison team and -most important point- he has pullback. I’ll just drop the name banedragon here.

I have grovodeus with pullback but you know he is… Lol

yep. It’s pull back, not step back. Nice utility move.

Whoops, yeh, messed that up.