No passive

Guys ive been looking through my possible lineups and i noticed that i have a vulcaroth in my team and i cant place him in my team. Not because he is inherently weak or something but he has no passive so a banedragon would fit better just because toxic entrance is so much better than instant poison typhoon with 100TU restriction.

I would like to see vulcaroth and not sure whatever legendaries who have no passive to get one asap thanks

We all agree with you here.

. . . except goldtail, whom giving a passive would break the monster.

Giving toxic entrance or auto poison to gold tail wont break it


give goldtail sleep entrance or roaring entrance

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Give goldtail suicide enterance


We got a comedian here😂


The only thing you’ll ever need.

Well, if you’re gonna give goldtail a passive make it a good one. Defensive mode sounds about right :smirk:

ups sorry, give goldtail tranquilizing entrance instead of sleep entrance.
and instead of roaring entrance give him champion entrance.

terror also need passive, auto poison and stun immunity seems about right

Goldtail holdground ez

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We asked for a passive for vulc for ages… devs really dont listen here…
Vulc is an outdated monster, really not much of reasons to choose him.

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chance auto poison and the one the pumpking has


Oh well heres to hoping.

Gold scares the hell out of me. It doesn’t matter what’s the going on in the game. As soon as I see it i’m like KILL IT!!!

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How about poison revenge for goldtail, so you can break a sleep lock by killing the enemy goldtail? :wink:

That would add an interesting element for sure

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I was thinking death revenge on goldtail :thinking:

Yeah, or death purify all.

Give it Tholid :joy::joy:

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I’m always down for more death revenge @Professor_Oak

DR in goldtail would break sleep locks too if you killed goldtail :wink:

Give goldtail auto poison won’t break the game.