Who’s bright idea was it to make healing give turn able to give the same monster multiple turns with overwatch and 400s megabomb I feel kinda cheated

It’s actually mediocore to good. It’s not that impressive since utopian loses to poison, delugazar and most peircing moves like bunkerbeast’s because it has no elemental resistance.

I’d give Utopion a little more credit than that. Yes, it gets decimated by Delugazar but what doesn’t in this game? It provides a solid amount of support between Healing Give Turn and Stun Absorber. Besides, it was a lot worse before the buff it got a long time ago.

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Im more upset about it in story mode since the whole pve buff to mons so for me (who owns like 0 good poison mons) its nearly impossible to kill but that might just be my team build or something just feel like it should be like other give turns and not be able to give turn to mons that have give turn moves

Utopian is awesome. It’s so underused and under appreciated. It’s main weakness is its speed, but if it gets an overwatch it’s so hard to kill.

Sometimes I pair it with Valza or Duscy and even if they are poisoned, the healing GT means they can do maximum damage. I would pair it with Gyo if I had one.

It’s a great monster, but no where near OP or broken. Use a poison revenge mon if you don’t have any good poison monsters

Nah def not broken by any means I have him and he’s awesome just losing to main story bc of him makes me feel a lil cheated

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The AI uses the healing give turn on itself twice in a row so it does it 3 times rather than the potential 5 if you keep putting it to hold ground. Utopion is annoying to face when it’s buffed and you don’t have poison or piercing moves around. However, personally I often leave it on the field because it won’t do too much when controlled by the AI (no clever give turn targeting). Let its presence on the field slow down the opponent’s team then after a while take it out or, even better, repulse / knockback it if you can or apply stealth all to completely avoid the 400s megabomb.

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Exactly I also forgot about repulse and knockback too which is highly common with old unlimited legendaries vs utopia being a limited legendary. There are also great easy SE options that can repulse and knockback or simply stun flash to let him be useless for 350-500 TU.

As fun as this monster is, it brings nothing unfair to the table so it isn’t even up to debate to consider or not to of utopian being broken.

All in all, as annoying as it might be in the beginning, you just realise how actually it is not thay much of a problem in pve.

There are other monsters which are a far bigger problem in PvE. Take Staticsphere or Focalforce… the latter being ridiculously annoying to kill when its buffed unless you have a move strong enough to one-shot it and the former being something you need to kill before it clones too much but it has good defence, reasonable speed and as soon as you kill it your monsters are all losing more than half their health (which after the next update will not be possible to avoid).


Wait what? Why are they buffing Static again?

Also imo at the moment the most annoying monster to deal with PVE or PVP is Bloomeluga. If you don’t have stun, that guy is just gonna wipe the floor with your team…


It’s so damn easy to counter him at least. Some monsters you just can’t counter :woman_shrugging:

Because static is probably the worst limited legend out there, I tried to make him work but he just doesn’t seem to fit in any team. He can be easily shut down by stealth, camo, shield and is slow and weak to knockback, the explosive damage is mediocre but it used to be worse before so not complaining. I was going to propose that explosive revenge should pierce through shield and hold ground but felt it would be too overpowered.

Imagine now what Devs will do. 4 static in hordes/UC/SCB… You name it. It was already annoying enough now imo and it’s not always easy to time your counter to the explosion perfectly. Now there will be no escape and they can put many of them to add “challenge”.


I agree that in buff PvE, static is going to wreck havoc and that’s why I didn’t want its explosive revenge to do more damage or even piercing. If I remember correctly, the explosive damage used to be able to damage stealthed monsters but they somehow nerf it and now wanted it buff again.

Yeah. When it was released the explosion did fairly low damage but couldn’t be countered, then they increased the damage substantially but made it possible to counter it with stealth after people complained about the increased damage. Now apparently it’s too easy to counter :sweat_smile:. Well some purifying mist, knockback and camo monsters were released in the meantime but still I think it’s silly…

All they had to do was make his blood clone move 50 TU.

Tbf, this buff was directly because they wanted to buff hüm but because it mechanically makes sense tp change his passive to work because camo and stealth mention of protectinf against active skills. (This all was because of the dinosaur guy pretty much)

Yeah this is the weird bit. Staticsphere has super high TU on blood clone because it was probably too good on testing with its taunt. However, because of this high TU it makes it so hard to use properly in PvP that people choose not to.

Now they’re buffing Staticsphere even more because nobody is using it in PvP, but it’s still got the problem of the high TU blood clone which prevents it from being strong in top bracket PvP as it slows your team too much. If they really want to keep buffing the explosive revenge until people use the monster it will have to go to insane levels.

Tbh I’d much rather they do what they did for Nebel/Cosmo. Lower the TU of taunt to something like 50 and keep the blood clone TU high. That way people can use both important skills in quick succession sometimes but at times will be forced to clone first if they want to keep the chain going.

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Changing taunt is the way to go. I love that my static is getting a major buff but he’s still not viable for pvp like you said with the high tu clone. He’s a shell for 160 seconds after cloning.

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I use staticsphere in PvP

I use dusc+ ap spam in pvp.