PVP bugs/balance feedback

Just cause we want to make things easy for you. Bear in mind the balance changes are from my point of view, which is to say at the higher tiers of the pvp (at the time of writing this rank 8), so take into account having access to all monsters basically.


If a monster with death revenge is knocked back then the death revenge no longer triggers

Poison animation not showing up

Chance “lightning” animation not showing up

If leogeist absorbs stun then it will go behind a monster with 5 or less seconds rather than in front

Monsters that are asleep will sometimes be able to attack while sleeping

Controls will occasionally lock out forcing you to run out of time.

You can use retreat with less than 5 monsters in your team



Rhynobrawl and Puffoxin feel like they offer too much value for their cost. As utility monsters they are very useful and the death revenge makes them extremely cost efficient to put in a team. Perhaps their cost could be increased a little.

Detox blast is the only real counter to the autopoisoners and it doesn’t truly counter them, being unable to one-shot them. Buffing it would provide a very common deterrent to using them, and inject some variance into the late game meta (which currently is more or less stun and autopoisoners). Plus it would make things easier for players with less monsters, giving them options to work with.[/spoiler]

Last biters can use retreat when there’s less than 5 monsters in the team (bug). It’ll set them at 50 TU. 

It’s been like that for a while and it’s not really a bug because nobody would use it with less than 5 monsters unless they want to waste secs. From my experience (the ultimate challenge) it is quite useful as an alternative rather than skipping turns.

It can remove poison though (I think, does it?) so it actually affects the gameplay quite a bit… especially since biters are pretty weak to poison. Also removes death sentence but that’s really not relevant in this case.

Oh never noticed. In that case it may be a bit OP.

Also, you can’t knock back enemies if they only have 4 or less monsters (to reset sweepers/protectors and such), so it is not consistent… I think it should be fixed so it can’t be used when you have less then 5 mons, just for the sake of consistency.

Well it does influence the game since you can only skip turn once in a row. Now people use retreat to avoid the skip turn rule and have a 50 second delay instead. 

Avoidable, but unnecessary and OP.

this pretty much

I retreated when in the last 3 and kept poison and accelerate

Yes I can confirm this, tried it doesn’t remove poison

Ah ok, thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

Still, it should be fixed for the other reasons others brought up

I’m all for buffing detox blast :).

I don’t think that it’s a great idea. Ppl only want this to happen to straight up counter auto poisoners even though there are only two of them. If this happened more ppl are going to use abyss and that will threaten poison teams, like how geist threatens stun (geist being worse). This would lead to heavy reliance on the sleep buff strategy which prevents team variation in pvp.

Though this is my unbiased view on the matter, i don’t even use poison teams that much.

There are 3.

We’re looking at this from the top of the rankings. Every single team has an autopoisoner in, without exception. They are that good and they have no counter. I’ve seen very few full poison teams simply because sticking an autopoisoner in any other team is just better.

I haven’t seen much of the lower ranked games but at the top that’s what it’s like.

Maybe a buff to elemental eradication would be nice, caniswyrm would become the counter to the assisted team especially the all powerful thunder. I think the protect focus mons in general need one. The knockback is great but that give them two weakness twinkiller and timestrike.

I’m ranked 15th I have no auto poison and no death revenge ( I’m sure it to my detriment, but I just refuse to use puff and rhyno out of principle) I have omega dragon but I haven’t ultrad him and don’t really know where I’d want him until I level up more.

Alright going to comment as I can see that the auto posion are very good they are not unstoppable
The detox blast already can do heavy damage if it gets a boost it will be as strong as nightrider
And be too broken

Canus does not need a buff as assist is easily pulled apart in the higher rankings once you remove zephy it’s easy wrecked

It’s element eridicate does a decent amount of damage as well
Also certain monsters will always be in top teams
Auto poison and team turns will always be there and that can’t be helped
Plus two of the attacking moves of auto poison legends puts it in the timestrike range unless it’s got +3 or more on it so it does have a counter

Maybe I should be using my auto poison lol

I get what you are saying because i do face a lot of auto poison monsters. But whether you are at the top or not if you can not deal with at least one auto poisoner without relying on a boost to a single move then you must be doing something wrong.

You may be a top player but you also need to consider players who are in the lower ranks without as many good monsters. (Not myself btw)

@zard what’s the third? Can’t seem to remember…

Agree 100% :slight_smile: