Soul Stone Summons

Morning! I just cracket one Pack of the Astrid - Summon and was wondering if i am the only lucky Player in this game. I’m F2P and never assembeled lots of stones so it’s the first pack in most of the cases. Please feel free to post your summons and experience down below.

If I had luck like that, would play more. 20+ packs over 3 accounts this far and 1 SSR character summoned. With luck like this, I have zero motivation to play!

I can totaly understand that. I’m just playing sequential when i know i can get the 1000 stones without much effort. But with this output in the last weeks i’m definitely have to grind a little bit more.

Wow how have you got so many things not levelled up?? Congrats on all the characters there!

There are a few newer pulls in what you see and there was no need to train them and waste materials. I played with a decent sleep combo which carries me through most of the stuff. The empty spots were filled with the ssr charas to train them. Now that i have this choice i can think about new strategies and level them up more specific.

Lucky player made this using 18k login/compensation gems.

Bow to the king of luck.

Have devs finally fixed the rate of drops or given free ssr units? If so, maybe this game is worth trying again.

Nice loot. The Dark Rizette is sick and in my opinion even more powerfull than FireAstrid.
18K is a lot though. I don’t think they increases the drop rate. Definitely no free ssr units.

If they don’t change the rate, I recall it is expected as one unit per 10k gems.
So 10 units and many weapons out of 18k free gems are emm…

I actually got Rei and Nagi just recently out of 5 packs, so stop yer whining

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i didn’t count the weapons in the first place. So quick maths, i’m the luckiest player in this game! Still missed Nagi in the pack today ^^

Lol. If only considering luck in gacha games, no one could beat cloud on this earth. :100:

A pack? Is a pack a soul summon? I am new to the game. Also, I thought I was really lucky to get 4 ssr characters in 2 weeks. Turns out I had terrible luck.
But I feel like the more you play the luckier you get because my few first 10 soul summons I was unlucky, but then I got an ssr weapon and sr character. The 2 next 10 soul summons was unlucky, but I got ssr characters every 10 soul summons since then.

A pack is 10x summons. And getting 4 SSR characters in 2 weeks is lucky depending on how many 10 packs you did.

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