Updates and/or Expansions

I was curious if there are to be any updates and/or expansions to this game, ie; additions storylines/side quests, more monsters, etc. I get you guys do the whole WiFi event missions, but for those of us who have to occassionally go without internet for months at a time, it would be nice to arrive at a place with internet, download an update or expansion, and continue the additional content offline.

Just a curiosity question.

The idea is that this depends on how successful the game is. The game appears to be quite successful, and so there is LIKELY to be content updates in the future. 

Anything further will have to come from the developers, though.

I see.

I find it a tad bit disheartening that I’ve had this game for ~7 days and have already aquired nearly 70% of the monsters.

Don’t worry, that 70% is lying to you. There are a lot more than that!

It’s not really meant to be a hardcore game, mate. Failing that, you can try your hand at PVP(when you have access), capturing S grade monsters(hardcore farming required for wrym’s)and trying to get as far as you can in the infinite dungeon.

Good luck searching for S grade starters, hatchlings AND making good grade recipe monsters. ALL that ASWELL as the dungeon is a MASSIVE task and WILL keep you occupied.

Is there going to be a continual opportunity to aquire gold coins? Or is it that once the sidequests, arenas, etc. are over with you have to purchase golden eggs? Since some (really good) monsters are only able to be aquired from golden eggs. I know in Dragon Island Blue you had to purchase gold coins in order to have an opportunity to get monsters after all the side quests and arena options were exhausted.

All monster inside golden eggs will be made available through updates, future online mission, future side quest i believe

If you look at arkpedia, there are more than >40% arkadion haven’t been revealed yet

You might wanna grind the hatchling or starter for the time being, unless extremely lucky they are hell, i mean it, hell

Hahaha, I love how we can’t even say dat H word in here. Heavenly? C’mon now.

Lol! I didn’t even realized that the H word is auto corrected! Oh yes, catching and farming hatchling is heavenly :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe the arena may be reset sometime soon. So perhaps from that. You can also PvP for extra gold.

And yes, most of the time that word is used in a harsh or condescending tone, so… we disallow it. ;> Chickenfluff sounds more satisfying, anyway.