Online Required?

Hey all, I’m new to the forum, but I’ve been playing for a couple of weeks and I’ve read quite a bit of the threads here.  I think I’ve figured out:

  1. Not all arks (350ish?) are currently available, but will be eventually.

  2. Some arks can only be had through golden eggs(by chance)/online missions/online PvP.

So if #2 is true, is there no way (currently nor in the future) to get all arks without online play?  I’m assuming the PvP rewards for certain diamond levels will only be available that way.  I am a completionist so if this is the case, I will just purchase DIB as it seems like that is more of a single-player type game.  Thanks in advance!

Future mission monsters will be released in the wild at some point (or so it is intended to be). I can’t say about PvP.

For now, yes, you will need to play online to get all monsters. 

Thanks for the quick reply.  I am mostly worried about missable ones.  As long as they’re attainable in the future, then it’s fine with me.  After all, it’ll take a while to farm S-ranks and get a team of level 99s.  I guess I could do a little PvP as it doesnt seem like it’s too hard to get to the levels for the prizes.  I know i missed Bluecub and that was one of the things i was worried about cause i read you can get his final evolution through eggs, but for now I’m out of luck on getting the base and first evolution.  But if they’ll be available in the future, its all good!

I think it’ll actually help that not all are available yet, so i can focus on getting everything now and levelling so I can actually do the online missions.  i am currently with 1 lv99 and the rest of my lineup at around 50-55, and my bench is all <50 so i have quite a bit of work to do.  I’m sure I’ll be spending hours farming the starters and hatchlings anyway…

Gl with the hatchlings and starters :slight_smile: it will take you a while to get Kamiwyrm, the fusion of the orblings. Good luck in pvp as well.