done for now

So ive caught alll the catchable arks in the game. I have gotten two egg onlys and one event monster. Completed all the chalenges and have done pvp enough to know that stun teams with charcalynx are the worst. Have also run into too many hackers in pvp. Basically im bored for now. One of my favorite games on ios but just nothing left till new stuff is added.

Yeah, I’m about done, too.

maybe try doing the infinite dungeon for a bit or if your that bored of it try playing different games and after a while come back to it.

Me to I’m about finished till update when they release new capture challenges and arks because all i have left are hatchlings and starters and egg only arks and I’ve spent at least 40 hours using mettalodius method for a leafy and PvP is to jacked by hackers to be fun

hackers will be gone in about a month.

…so yeah…

…even so, you can work towards making a team that beats them…

…there’s also ID…and weekly online missions…

…yeah…there’s absolutely nothing to do.

Also done but at least we know an update is coming!!

And while doing that waiting every week for the new online mission is a pain… They should have different Online mission with alternate prizes at the same time.

Ill be back for sure when update comes. Ive done infinite dungeon to floor 100 or so and beating the hackers isnt the problem its fighting someone and never getting a turn for ten minutes until match is over due to stun teams. I would still highly recomend this game to everyone though. Just nothing left right now. Dragon island here i come. Also gave up on the events for now after the last one. Im in the pool with lessened chance of winning. I beat it in 27 minutes and nothing. I had gotten lucky and had 5 straight floors with no battles.

They’re working on it guys

I must ask you all for patience and hold on because they’re a small team

They can only do so much

Or you can wait for Dragon Island red haha if it ever comes out tough

It’ll come

They have hundreds of things on their plate atm, though

True so we cant be impatient

ok sooooo um what is this update which you speak of and whats going to be in it?

Well the thing iknow for sure is its a bugfix update and a hackerfix update haha

My answer to this is If you play a game consistently non stop for however long you play it yes of course you are going to get to a point where either you have exhausted your options of things to do, or you have just become bored with the game. It doesnt matter how much fun the game is, a game will only ever have so much content, and yes there is ID and PVP, but lets face it, for most of us those things are only fun up to a point. Ive done ALOT of pvp, and am thoroughly bored with it right now. 

So take a break, play something else for a bit, come back, rinse and repeat. There are lots of video games to play :) 

The Sad thing is I only played 2 games longer than 5 mins , i dont like alot of games and the 2 games are Geomon and HI