Upcoming game of hordes setup

This will be my first game of horde’s from what I have evolved what should I use in my team. And in what order. I don’t really know what I’m in for but wanna atleast get to the rare ingredient reward.

Game of Hoards is basically like a Survival mode. Think Endurance. The monsters receive a buff later on in the event, but it is minor. The true challenge is that you will end of facing teams upwards of 40+ mons in one go. This being the case, anything that can generate token monsters, revive monsters, and things with moves like HP share on Hold Ground monsters will be extremely useful. Also anything with Crescendo attacks.

I have Leogeist, Shivadragon, and Polaboss, all Crescendo mons, so typically my ideal setup will be placing Bronzeshells or stunning the enemy team to oblivion till Crescendo Strike sweeps at 50 TU from all three of these, then leave 3 mons useless on their board and sweep through more than half the team in one go with Shiva being able to keep things healthy.

Revanarchion, Ankoudragon, Aurodragon, anything that can clone itself at the end of your team like the 4 star Stun Revenge Cloners will work wonders in this event as well.

This has been without me looking at your mons as I cant load the pics at work, so later on I can take a look and give better advice based on what you have, but use this to your advantage.

Also Nulltron in the early stages is great as Execute will one shot many 0 - 2 star mons and get an immediate turn, can take the whole enemy team down by itself.

This is probably what I’ll be running for game of Hoards. Some fun control and longevity with stupid mortar tactics at the end

Ok well im currently maxing out the 4 create duplicate, stun revengers right now. I do have shiva but not the other two crescendo strikers. I have Reven but only in 2nd form. I have Tenebris which will be key for me to stand a shot at wining the ingredients. I have Sanctastallion but only in second form, same with lunalord. is it worth getting horrormaw with mirror revenge up to 5 stars? flutter salvia should help too.

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Horrorclaw is not great for this event as the buffs to opponent monsters are low. Tenebris will likely win you the majority of your games and take you very far. He is the best PvE monster in the game, so you should have no trouble winning with him. Pair him with monsters that sweep and benefit from the stealth, also with Purifiers so the Stealth keeps taking effect.

where in the team would you suggest Tenebris then

Probably 4 or 5 from the end. Realistically wherever he goes he will shine

@DMG_LUCKDRAGON so would something like this work?

Obviously the 4 star duplicate stunner would be maxed.

Looks good as is, I would swap Tenebris with the yellow Flutter as your Protect mon will die before them and bring in your purple Flutter and provide extra protection to take over with Tenebris

yes Fluffuruis has the purified mist which is what I wanted to take advantage of with Tenebris. why I tried to keep them together. n also keep the flutters together for the stun

? Those flutters dont have Stun lol. I’m sayin if you switch em once Fluffy dies itll bring in purple Flutter and you get your Pair off while cloning with Tenebris

Realistically I would actually say to switch Fluffurious places with Dracorosa. You already have Bitter to Stun Absorb, if him and Fluff are on board they both get taken out of play by a single stun. Draco also has the full team Purifying mist for Tenebris and yellow Flutter support while having Defang to deal with Poison mons.

the yellow flutter has pair stun I think. don’t remember not in front of game

Nah blue flutter has pair Stun. Yellow has pair twin death sentance.

oh ok yea I have the blue on too. probably not use of using it here right. I rather have stealth attack with yellow

I’d swap the Green rose chick that pairs with Dracorosa for the Blue Flutter and enhance your synergy and just bench Fluffurious tbh.

ok so if I understand this correct, I drop fluffurius for blue flutter. and drop blossomight also?

so ill be running blue, yellow and black flutters

Blue yellow purple, yeah

Shiva and pola are S+++ tier in this event lol. Incredible survivability and low TU kill moves, the exact two things most important to have against large numbers.