Team setup & best strategies

Hi all,

So i’ve been playing now for a couple of months.
I really want to learn better strategies and to know how best to set up my team.
I’ve searched and seen the thread for team setup help but I see no one gets replies anymore.
Can anyone steer me in where to look or who to ask to advance more with playing the game.

Death Revenge Monsters and Aurodragon

I don’t think it’s that people don’t get help when they ask for it, just that people don’t seem to come to that thread for help as much as they used to. If you post there I might be able to get around to helping you, and there’s a few other people that can offer good advice too. (And don’t mind Gary btw, he does that all the time)

Thank you, i’ll throw a post up

Go and get yourself a Galvbane.


Already got one :grin:

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I would’ve said that if he didn’t have a Galvbane already @squinty1880

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It’s not like he posted any team picks here so how can I assume he doesn’t already have one?

His team pic was literally posted on another thread at the same time as I posted my Galvbane comment so I didn’t see it already.

Sorry, I should’ve posted some screenshots here.
Been one of those days today!

Its mostly because people just slap their monster list in there and expect to be provided with instant all inclusive help. If you really want some help, show us your monster list, show your current team and add a comment on what you are trying to achieve with this team, how it is supposed to work and where youre actually struggling to find a good solution/what you already have tried to solve that problem.


I think also it comes down to luck a lot of the time. If your message is phrased the right way and the right people have time to spare and feel inspired by the monsters they see in your list then you’ll get lucky and get help. Otherwise, your post may get no reply at all. It can take a long time to give someone advice so it’s no surprise that’s how it goes I think


Thanks guys for your replies.
I appreciate what you’ve said and apologise if my post came across in any negative way.
@Killerdog, I’ve been reading through a lot of your guides for new players.
I may have missed it but is there a post / tutorial on team set ups? Such as how to effectively use Stun teams etc?
I really interested into further learning battle strategies and good for a decent read

I will be doing a guide on team building, something that will work for everyone (new and old) with a section on PvE and one on PvP. However, there are other things I am working on first like my monster reviews, guide to beating each of the events, damage calculation guide and maybe one or two others that are slipping my mind right now. It takes a while getting around to writing the guides, there are lots I would like to produce in the long run.

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That’s awesome!
I love reading your guides, really good reads and have certainly helped me with the game.
I look forward to more content from you