Unevolved Mythics are Broken and Bugged. They are as tanky as the Hulk. Too hard to kill. Please fix ASAP!

Seriously devs check this out-This is how much damage the Gorilla took after a Hellfire from Bloom.

That very same battle this is how much health he had left after and additional Leach from Duscy and a TIME IS UP from Dolph that hit Icefang and the Gorilla:

I mean I get there is an element disadvantage but this is INSANE! The next evolve form would have been killed for sure.
This player is aware of this issue and is exploiting it by not evolving both his Mythics.

I reported this problem in Dungeon challenge as well. Can u please just fix this Devs? Easy to test it out and verify.

@Dev_BRD @Dev_VKC
This is very bad for the game.

  1. it discourages spending (why spin for more duplicates when first form is better)
  2. It promotes negative play discourages evolving
  3. It gives an unfair advantage to the person that exploits it. High damage high defense monster with low cost. Incredible advantage.
  4. Please fix

If it’s too hard to code a fix for this please remove all attack moves of the first form for all monsters and increase their cost.

P.S. I took these screenshots during this season unranked PvP didn’t have time to post earlier.



Unevolved Gorrilla is hardest monster to kill In the game. I can bring him to hold ground way easier when he is in Second form.

This issue is with all monsters. It’s just become more obvious with Mythics.

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My oakthulhu did 1k damage against him when both targets were poisoned.

I suggest something else to solve this: delete all legends and myths except Mojinator or transform them all into Mojinator . Problem solved !

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Lmao that looks like my team? @Saitama Only the monkey is tanky. The Natur mythic dies quite easily at about 3k damage.

GG @eNjiin

wrong thread, my boi.


Unless he won because of a 6 cost Mythic :blush:

Oh crap my bad lol


Its quite stupid and ive seen few players exploiting this

Lemon is one of them at the top using this exploit on two myths the monkey and Na’turgoul

I played vs another guy doing the same thing with monkey and another guy doing the same thing with Brynhildr where the same problem occurs they become super tanky.

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I think Natur is fine. It takes damage normally. I just don’t want to evolve mine because adding elem healing and unmoveable isn’t worth it and it’s a nice lil cost filler.

I don’t have the ingredients to evolve my monkey :man_shrugging:t2: It’s moveset is good in first form too though. So I always planned to use it before I realised it was taking big damage

GGs earlier Mr X. I do hope the tanky monkey isn’t an excuse for the stun locks :blush:


Although I agree it’s stupid, personally I have no issue with somebody exploiting it. I would do the same. At least it is brought to people’s attention that way.

Lemon you are cheap! Just kidding. Keep using the Gorilla :+1:

As are you, my F2P friend :joy: As I said, the first form monkey was in my team before I knew it was bugged.

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We are cheap Lol. No need to explain. Again, I got zero issue with people exploiting this.

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I only hear mimimimili from all others :joy: good players wont care about the amount damage…

I think u did it right :slight_smile:

On the other hand its not right that unevolved monsters re better than evolved, there should be a reason to evolve them !

That is a stupid thing to say.

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Ok so it does absorb a great amount of damage… it doesn’t have any protection skills, only has okayish attack… wont oneshot a lot (anything?). It Just sits there and does some damage against one monster.
At the end it’s annoying, but not gamebraking

Whether it’s gamebreaking or not is irrelevant to the fact it needs to be fixed. Although I completely diagree to your evaluation of it’s worth. It’s a pretty big advantage to have on your team. I would prefer it on my team more than most legends by far. 7 cost Tanky as hell monster that deals high damage.

Well it just one shot a full health willowwyrm with type disadvantage so I’d say it’s pretty strong.

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