Dear Devs...

Dear Devs,

I don’t know exactly what goes into your mind when you create mythics, but definitely you are missing a couple of little points, let me refresh your mind (even if is probably useless)

  1. Awoken Mythics cost effort and often money, so I would accept them being OP, but on their mid form? Come on… This went so far, is time to stop this comedy.

  2. Mid form mythics are LEGENDARIES unless I am blind, and they cost 11. So don’t come and tell me that they are balanced.

Basically you are pushing people on using sneaky strategies to achieve results because you can’t balance monsters, and… Better I stop because the rest could be very offensive.

Regards from a concerned player.

PS: I don’t need to name monsters, you are smart enough to know who need rework.


What’s wrong with “sneaky strategies?”

-The Leader of the Sneakin Nation



Totally agree and the comedy its even better when full awakened mythics only cost 13 and 16 with SS activated that is the joke of the year, ho wait its even better when you can build a full broken team with then ,meawhile us we get out brains burned creating strategic teams ,not spamming broken monsters all around and hope for the best


All mythics shud get atleast 1 cost increase .


1 cost increase its way too low should be 3 or 4

Remove mythics


I still want to mention some passive field skills . I think their target should be all. not unilateral. This is very outrageous.

Cough Kanna Cough

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Yeah that would be ideal. Never liked the mythics. Obviously they are not going to remove them but they just don’t fit well in the game.

Mythics can fit well in the game if they get the cost value increased and some skills reworked , right now its just a BS mess

I knew was going to end like this LMAO.

Let me tell you something my friends.
I am totally fine with awoken mythics having broken passives, they are AWOKEN.

The problem comes when an investment get totally overclassed by mid-forms.

I told I am not going to mention who but you know what? Yeah Kanna should be bilateral in MID-FORM

You are so unbelievable sometimes and you clearly don’t value monsters accordingly of they real value (real money).

So before you trash talk think. All of you.

Before to do this post I thought a lot, you guys like just to random accuse awoken mythics because they make the difference.
Yes they do, and they should!

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Awaken mythics have some very important advantages. U buy them with ur money. Higher hp, higher def, higher atk. This is game winning. The only not awaken mythic that is clearly better than its awaken version is sivanna. Some mythics are just trash and not worth it to awake them. Sure mythic 2nd forms like lemon or Cynthia (gorgo) are insane but their awaken version is even better! And for these improved stats and moves u gotta pay. Second versions shouldn’t be totally unplayable (like unawaken goch, unawaken sanctiguard etc), this is just dumb to expect that


I agree with you, they should have a balance between the awoken form and the total unplayable form.
They should be strong as a legendary, but some of them overclass even the awoken form (cost wise talking).
I see people not awakening monsters in porpouse because is more than viable in mid form

I disagree. Just because something is rare doesn’t mean it should be unbalanced. There shouldn’t be any broken abilities in the entire game. They are literally called BROKEN. Complaining that second form mythics are better than first form mythics is obviously not going to get sympathy, because there are only a few players for whom that is a problem. I think that we should be glad that second for mythics are good, because 99.99% of players never awaken a mythic. Like, literally 99.99%. I’m not exaggerating here. Awoken mythics should not be unbalanced, and second form mythics should not be underpowered. While I obviously don’t actually want them to remove mythics, their current state is bad enough without nerfing their second forms.

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It’s funny because what I see here are people complaining about mythics that his second forms are trash and other mythics that his awakened form is worse than the second. So the main premise or characteristic of what a mythic is is actually the main problem with them. That’s why I think that mythics just don’t work, they don’t fit well in the game. A mythic is like taking a legendary and splicing it between one broken af form and one super epic form (or worse). It just doesn’t make sense.
When I get a mythic I’m most of the time disappointed because I know I will never be able to awake it and his second form usually is very avarage, not even legerdary-worthy. So I just prefer getting a legendary.


Where do you get these stats? Also DonT is absolutely right to say that second form mythics shouldn’t in any way be better than the awakened ones. Just like with unevolved legendaries/SE etc. Usually this holds true but there are a few exceptions where, like DonT said, the gain in cost from running a 2nd form mythic is far too big compared to the advantage lost for not awakening it.

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Sure, but DonT was pretty rude to the Devs about them making some mythics which he felt were too strong in their second form compared to their final form.

Then he said this to the people replying here:

Pretty rude all around to be honest.

@DonT89 I understand that you wanted to make the point:

  • Some mythic second forms are too close in power to their final form.

Other people took over the thread to say:

  • Mythics are too strong in general.

It’s not nice when your point gets misinterpreted or people hijack the thread. However, please don’t be rude towards them. Also, I heavily disagree that second form mythics are as strong as their final forms. There are only a few exceptions where that’s the case and in fact it’s nice to have some viable second form mythics. I think most of the community would agree with these last two sentences.


Just to add… since this thread was made to talk about 2nd form mythics vs 3rd form mythics please everyone keep discussion about that topic.

Any posts that are unconstructive or on a different topic will be removed.


I don’t think your statistics are exactly what happens. but I don’t think that what he says is far from reality either. Few F2p players manage to wake up a mythical one, this apparently is only annoying for p2w … On the other hand it is true, a mythical 2nd form, should not be stronger than awake, such as a legendary and a super epic … But … most of the community is f2p and has no possibility of awakening mythical , which is why I support the developers, who make them in 2nd form a little more powerful than the legendary ones. Seem right

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