Ultimate Challenge Tips

Could someone please give tips for my Ultimate Challenge team? Any tips on positioning or if there is anything I’m missing would be appreciated.

Also, this team should work for the first few hundred floors, but I need to swap something out in Warca’s place.

You definitely want trickster in there, all the way at the end. Even with his limit on bronze summon he’s insanely powerful and can get one shot kills with SB all the way up to around floor 500 I think it is.

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I was thinking about putting trickster in there because it clutches so many games in hell mode for me, but I was wondering if it would interfere with torrentide (won me three games already). What position would be best for trickster?

I’d suggest taking out the sacrifice summon wolf and putting in trickster at the 16th spot, him and torrent shouldn’t interfere with each other since torrent can’t do even a quarter of the damage trickster can do with a shell on the field

I ended up taking out the pure cure protector in 15th place and put trickster in the back. The monster in 6th plcae is very useful because it can resurrect enemy monsters or auro/dr. Thanks for the tip

I’m good here for now. Will do some more for extra gems but I have what I want.



Little tip for everyone at lvl 500 you absolutely want to have twighoul and maybe revive him with idk auro

Thx ill be at floor 500 soon

Edit: just reached it. I think someone uploaded a video of it so I’ll check that out.

Gate keeper 700 is annoying

basically the floor level is AP spamm nothing else

Thanks for the heads up I just kept reviving twighoul and it was very easy.

GK lvl 500 = all protectors
GK lvl 600 = link shadow stealth team (FL Onyxia, Novadrake, Zhulong, Azrazel with Tenebris 5th)
GK lvl 700 = stun team with Chromera and Dolphreeze in the middle (FL Don Rilla, Polaboss, Godfeather, The Rockoid with Sobeking 5th - Godfeather does retreat into this)

I’ll let you know the others when I get to them!

Lvl 500 = twighoul easy win
Lvl 600 = probably steal tenebris or something and win

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@TheDucktator That summarises perfectly! GK 700 is always the notoriously difficult one.

GK lvl 1000 = link fire (FL = Novemdomina, Dragulus, Capybaragon, Shivadragon with Y Ddraig Goch 5th)

I stole Y Ddraig Goch easily with my Crimseias then had fun sweeping lots of monsters with it. Adrenaline makes piercing blow deal 50k damage, one-shotting everything easily.

Fun Fact: GK700 is named Norza, a boss with insane stun abilities in evertale

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Yeah they’re all designed after Evertale characters.

GK 500 = Ludmilla (the Aegisdragon of Evertale)
GK 600 = Elmina (shadow stealth character)
GK 700 = Norza (storm stun character)
GK 1000 = Astrid (fire burn character)

I didn’t notice for GK 200, 300 and 400 what the names were or pay massive attention to the teams.

Guessing 2000 is finn

By that logic, its safe to assume that GK1500 is Rizette.

I don’t know them at all

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