Share your UC team!

Historically I’ve never gone past level 900 in UC. No Goldtail Auro or shockers to stun lock. I would usually use gear Atra and whatever death revenge I got. I Try to support gear when possible.
Anyway this time I got passed level 1000 using this team:

Having Auro, Cosmo, Nebel and Reven helped a lot. This team is still kinda crappy and isn’t built as well as it could but it’s been working ok…

What team have you been using and how far have you gotten?

Currently I’m just over level 1200. No chance of reaching 1500 but I’m still pretty happy. Putting reven with Atra and Auro helped heaps. If I did that in the start I think I would have reached level 1500.

I will love your advice as well! I know there are some amazing PvE players in the forum.


I used to get 1400 using gear/gold.

Now all the insomnia and bane trolls make it simply not worth the effort. I get 400 with gear/gold and call it a day.


Cool. Please share your Gear/gold team!
Yes I can’t stand any posion in UC…should be banned:(


Its just the 2* knockbacks, drako, geo into 500s of stun, cosmo and then Gear, Gold, SE protect absorb and stag. Then SE protect then Shadowcat.

Stag is actually really nice since it can KB next the banes if the timing is right, and sleep all if Gold messes. Or stealth gear or gold to protect an AOE.

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There wasn’t that many bane trolls this UC. Some annoying auto posioners though. I reckon you can still make 1000 plus if you tried. Geo is awesome for setting up stun lock.

Talking of annoying teams… this was my first loss with my UC team. Recognise it @Saitama ? :wink:

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They don’t have enough Auto-protectors. Dam noobs :joy:

this team did okay

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Seriously though, was that one of my earlier teams? I can’t remember, I changed so many things around in the beginning. Trying to figure out the best way to use Cosmo and Nebel. At one point I put cosmo and Nebel with Auro and Atra but it didn’t work well. I’m open to any and all advice.

Btw Killerdog I thank you for reminding me to put reven with Auro and Atra. You mentioned it in another thread. I almost gave up on reven. I was prioritising death revenge duplication but reven does work well when he gets going. Can fail badly or work good.

Here’s the team I use for UC:

Newest addition is Timberlord in the front line for a high-ish speed instant shield ally and to add rocks between my reincarnated monsters (to make the end of my team a little more resilient to auto-poison). Payback revenge is definitely weaker than a death revenge monster there but the rocks have done pretty well in a few matches when my Revenarchion army needs a bit of breathing room to get turns and kill stuff.

I’m a big promoter of Revenarchion in UC. Revenant slash does 10k * number of Revens died so it’s not long before it one-shots everything and I get 10+ Revens is roughly a quarter of my battles, sometimes close to 20.

General idea is:

  • Auro + DR
  • Crim helping to hatch the Noxeggs (want to go through as many Revens as possible with Auro on the field or Atra necromancing either an egg or Reven)
  • Bovolcus + Atra (cannibalise Bovo after DMM)
  • Blazebones + Shivadragon (HP share to not have full health on your team then revolution will put all enemies to 1HP and leave your team unaffected, important to not hurt any enemies beforehand)
  • Soulstealer + Shiva + Shadowhunter + Geartyrant (very reliable end-game for death sentence sleep lock, works much better at the end of the team in my opinion)

I’d love to have Tortogeist, Onigeist and Goldtail for their UC power but I’ve got a very nice collection for this event. This UC I got through all gatekeepers first try except for lvl 2000 (Gyomurai killed Auro right at the start, I adjusted for second try and did it fine). This team carries me to top 10 with careful gameplay.


I would say in general that putting Atra, Auro AND Gear in the front line is quite risky. Those are three big players and you can quite easily lose them all before they’ve given proper value if they’re at the front. Normally I’d also say it’s not worth running a monster like Parasardon for the high speed knockback if you’re using Aurodragon in the front line. Much better to have more DR around Auro to get the most out of the reincarnation while Auro is alive. However, combining Parasardon with Atra so you can cannibalise it might get around that issue slightly.

I think typically the best setup for UC is front half DR stuff then back half is where you go into control with sleep, DR and protectors.

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Very nice. Awesome advice as well👍 I didn’t even know it goes upto level 2000 lol. I thought 1500 is the end. So I guess the last 10 gems reward is at level 2000?

I imagine onigiest to be a beast in UC no?

Advice noted. I did canabalise the knock back monster with Atra each time. I found I really needed to have a knock back in the front. But will keep what you said in mind for the future. Thanks👍

Gatekeepers are at: 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 1000, 1500 and 2000. All give 5 gems except 2000 gives 10 gems.

You can keep going beyond, with a 100% win rate and all tickets used taking you to lvl 2581. In some UC events people have got that score!

I’ve had the chance to chat with a couple of other big UC players and from what I can tell we run similar stuff with a few different preferred combos and in slightly different order. The biggest difference between my team (a top 10 team) and the top 3 teams is they usually have Tortogeist and/or Goldtail. Mirror revenge is exceptionally powerful so Tortogeist’s ability to reliably get at least one mirror and sometimes two PLUS also get a kill is a bit nuts when you combine it with revival stuff. Also, Goldtail gives the reliable sleep lock that gives you much better consistency than my “sleep lock” using Shadowhunter and Soulstealer. However, with that said I have some monsters these guys don’t have themselves which I know they’d love.

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This was my team. It was fun to take the opponent’s boosted monsters lol (I have no gear, goldtail, shiva, or auro)
My first getting to 600 in UC. Those 5 gems :drooling_face:

Edit: I got to 700! Yeah baoi

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First time using all these mons got to 1500, had to grind alittle at the end not a great win rate but not bad either.

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Since I‘m on vacation right now and the time to play was quite limited, I had to put two teams together that would bring me fast and reliable wins. I passed level 1000 today but since I missed the first day, Top 50 is out of reach and I will happily settle with this Top 100 result. Will share the teams later when I’m on WiFi

That’s great you’re on vacation enjoy! Looking forward to seeing your team. Thanks!

I played against your team at least once. Your rhino monster the 2* death revenge posion
Gas one is annoying in UC because of posion gas. Kindly remove it from all your future UC teams. Your cooperation is much appreciated. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seeing your teams really helps. Thanks for posting guys!

I usually am only able to get past the second and third gate and then I’m done. Death revenge, auro, atra, gear, and sleepers seem to be the key. Definitely going to keep that in mind for teambuilding for this event