Ultimate Challenge New GateKeeper (Video)


Oh, good point. I was just about to head out the door when I read that last post and it slipped my mind about the elements.

It won’t one-shot Titanomoth. Not even with attack boost. However, one little hit from something followed by an attack boosted Double Piercing Blow can do it. I think water monsters in general will be difficult for Infernicorn to deal with because its damage is only just high enough for killing things.


You know with the amount of legends Devs are releasing (and most of them being…strong) Devs could make a living if they had Festivals (with legs guranteed on 1&3 packs obviously) in the first and third week of the first month, then second and fourth week of the second month and then alternating the two months. In one of the Festivals, they release new monster each month and in the second, fan favourites make a comeback. Regular Festivals can be held in the meantime (or not). And so players can get them (and also the Devs their one true love: our wallets) make the gems sale permanent i.e 300 gems for 80$. Imagine how much the Devs will earn. (160$/month from one player) ,:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::thinking::thinking::anguished::anguished::anguished::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


The worst thing is that piecing blow makes titanomoth’ hp red.


Oh dear, my dirty mind!


@TNB_SKLunaTiC Good luck with lvl 1500 GK! Only 1 Delugazar in the front line this time but goes into Tenebris / link shadow stuff and a lot of poison monsters at the back including Bane and Freezecobra. Absolute nightmare to deal with using the Aurodragon + DR strategy and I can imagine with the sleep lock strategy too.

I haven’t had any losses to the player battles. Two losses to lvl 1000 GK. Four losses to lvl 1500 GK now and counting!


In lv 1500 GK i’m using copy,revival and necromancy move to get tenebris and delugazar from enemy
And i losses 1 time :cry:
But next battle are win thats lucky and very hard to beat all enemy with tenebris :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the inspiration. You got me thinking about how I could get the Tenebris instead of the 2 Delugazar I’ve been getting and I suddenly had an idea… Sanctallion in the front line. I use Crimseias to draw out the swift chrono killer (gets me a Delugazar) then I could do clone next and Sanctallion helped me out throughout the whole fight. Other than the Tortogeist, their whole team is weak to stun. Stun must be how others have been doing it… took me a while to properly notice. I did it first try once I put Sanctallion in my team, after an embarrassing number of losses. I was hoping to fight for a top 3 position but now it’ll be a race to get back into top 10!

Btw the one time I did get Tenebris the enemy targeted the 2nd one (first clone) as soon as it entered. I cursed very loudly at my screen, thought that might’ve been my ticket to the win!


Nice bro… if i have horrorclaws maybe can get 3 delugazar :sweat_smile:
First turn chrono killer and 2nd turn of delugazar is attack all tim… so in first line i put rhynobrawl to kill delugazar at once use sacrifice revival from cryptblade :slight_smile:


Can you give me link of Chinese version here or in inbox please


Set your system language to Chinese, then the game will show everything in Chinese.


Done with GK 1500 uploaded video late but it took me 5 tries :sob:.


Did it 1st try :grinning:


Great work bro updated in thread


Thanks man :grinning::+1:
I’ve updated the thread till GK 700, will update the rest of it tomorrow :joy:


My next wish monster : Goldtail :sweat_smile: