I encountered a bug which an enemy lineup has assisted water team composed of, warca, kamiwyrm, esap(water protector SE). When warca’s turn it attacked with assisted wave killing 3 of my team, the bug is that it instantly killed my SE protector NEGATING the HoldGround passive, note there are no poisoned monsters. i think ONLY penguinator has the ability to negate HG and no other has, which warca’s attack should make my SE hp to 1.

Probably upgraded with Penguinator Excessive force…lol…talk about bug…don’t understand why bloodcrave always break Galvbane Hold ground…aren’t he suppose to hold ground at 1hp if his bounce back dmg on himself exceed his available health…><"

I think because it is not inflicted by the enemy but a back damage? But yeah it will be good if he maintain HG when casting bloodcrave on low hp.

Indeed…guess that’s why i guess he is not very particularly useful in UC…Especially when Galvbane HP is rather low to start with…Bloodcrave always cause him to kill himself before he kills anyone in the upper lvl of UC…hopefully one day things will change and his HG can be maintain when he cast bloodcrave on low hp…

Its same as survivor on DD and it was itended

I can’t believe that enemy’s galvbane can still use stun pulse to my vulcaraptor even I have a stun absorber protector on frontline!

never seen that before. What was your protector?

did they buff horrowclaw back to what he was ??


It is celestoise w/vulcaraptor,SS and nimboss. It makes stun pulse to my vulcaraptor but it missed.
Don’t know why it happen but protector should absorb the stun right?


Weird right? It shoudnt penetrate because it has a protector. Mines was idk still wondering how that warca 1 hitted my SE protector, lol

There are many weird things in U.C such as hackers. Lol!

Lol hackers arent weird, they are present every UC