Type-killer moves are worthless

100tu for a move that only has 1 in 13 chances to score a critical on a monster is absurd.

Dark Bane and Light Bane are 70tu, and while they deal less damage, they have a 1 in 6 chances to deal critical damage. More than half.

Even more important are Killer moves, which are 70tu and you can actually build around if one particular theme hurts your strategy.

Personally I think types should be used for passives only (like Gaia Power), but given that we’re a little late for that, at least make them 50tu, or 70tu double target.


Surprisingly a guy got me with EMP on my Penguinator :confused:

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I always get to emp penguinator or shuri and it’s very satisfying

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No complaints here. On celestron exorcism is far better than ultralux (250tu!) as it does about the same base damage in a fraction of the time and as you said, can crit some annoying monsters. It’s actually saved me a few times. My point is just fine forget about what kind of move these are replacing

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I myself have gotten EMP on both a peng and a chrome in succession, won me the game lol. Something you haven’t considered Asmodias, is that each player has 4 monsters on the field at any given time. So the real odds of encountering at least one target, assuming each type’s presence is equally frequent, are 27.4%. Not so bad, really… not something to consistently rely on, but an asset that can really bail you out big time under the right circumstances. Certainly at least an improvement over a plain old 200 TU attack.


I kinda always meet Peng or shuri and it’s always where my cyber is placed

I checked the math, actually expected less. That said that target won’t be the one you want more often than not.

However I’m not saying they are never useful, I’m saying that it makes no sense for them to be that high tu given the Dark/Light Bane example. Expecially when the moves of the targets are completely random, so you can’t even build around them.

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These moves have been added to the game way before we’ve got any kind of type-synergy added. Over the next few years I’m sure we’ll see type-teams (Tribal) being supported and people will start using them the way they build link teams. These type killer moves will be nice counters to those archetypes. I think 100TU but “guaranteed” one-shot is a balanced amount rather than 70TU and only one-shotting squishy targets with high attack monsters like many of the original killer moves are balanced for.

As Lucrayzor said, they’re a large improvement over a basic attack move. For now think of them like that.

A few interesting details though…
Dragonslayer will be able to target roughly 1/5 of the legendaries/mythics.
Headhunter is basically mythic killer, especially if they continue with these mythic girls.
Heavenslayer is pseudo light bane.
Fish killer is pseudo water bane.
Exorcism and ghost buster are pseudo dark bane.
Herbicide and pesticide are pseudo earth bane.
EMP is pseudo storm bane (but also has the second most targets at roughly 1/8 of the legendaries/mythics).

If the amount of targets were the same I’d agree.

I do hope you’re right on the type link thing, as I’m looking forward to create a Demon-link team myself. So far though they feel too random for my taste.

Yeah years of development where tribal hasn’t been in mind much at all has meant the strategy within a type hasn’t got much synergy. I looked at phantom a couple of days ago because Spectrophin wants to be used with those and it seems they’ve got a focus on sleep, so maybe some of them have certain things they like to do. For a few it will definitely be possible to benefit from both link AND tribal benefits, like with demons in shadow.

Killed a stupid bird with nightlord a birdshot to win a game the other day.

A horse killing a bird, what a hilarious idea. Idk if this has ever actually happened in nature before


Flying horse actually


For all the times birds have landed on the backs of horses and there’s not much the horse can do about it… I think they’d get their vengeance if they could fly. Similar to if cows got frog tongues… they’d slaughter all the flies they found even if they simply chewed them up and spat them out again.