Training dojo exp

I suggest to increase the exp of training dojo from 60xp to 100xp.I know each battle gives us 1.5 training points but trainging points are very easy to get.look after this issue devs please.

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People used training dojo to reach lvl 200. Lets not

Why dont you just keep your jokes at home.

He’s not joking though

But is it really worth it?

I assure you many people have enough time

If we get PVP opponents with similar rank then I think it is risky.Cause you may have to face rank 200 team with your 40 rank team.

You’re mostly gonna do it for ranking rewards

first tell me Do PVP really depends on hero rank?

and yes , but the rewards cant help me to become that powerful to face players with similar rank

PvP doesn’t depend on your hero rank. They use a skill based matchmaking system so you get matched with opponents based mostly on your winrate.

So pushing hero rank by training dojo is safe

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Yea there’s a certain point (130ish if I remember right) your team cost is capped at 206 so after that level is no issue. And no, I wish I was joking.

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hero rank 100 is when you reach max team cost

The rewards are really crazy…:drooling_face:

Anybody know what our pvp winrate is supposed to be at?

Firstly, how is this an “issue”???

The fact you get any exp for 0 tickets is ridiculous. There is no need at all to increase this. Enjoy benefiting from this rather than being greedy.

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Are you this rude to all new players?

Being rude? Please don’t go down that road, KarenKaren.

It’s the truth, it’s simply ridiculous that someone considers this an “issue”. There are a lot more compelling issues to complain about and this guy chooses to complain about xp we get for free just that he could level up faster.


Well he made a suggestion which probably makes sense to him as a new player and ended up being called greedy. That seems pretty harsh to me

But it is greedy! Does this suggestion make sense to you?