Increase max training points plis

The max training points shouldn’t be 99, it should be 100. Every time I go to train my monsters, I usually train them in increments of 10 but when I use them I have 9 left and it is really annoying when it is not on a 10. And then I have to go to the training dojo and do a battle to get up to 10 training points. BUT THEN IT GIVES ME TWO TRAINING POINTS AND IM AT 11!!


Remove that card thing pls . It’s a waste of time anyways .


I think we should have at least 150 training points, it is very annoying when we have nothing to evolve and our points are at maximum (99)Then we get a monster and they don’t reach 99 points to ultra-evolve it, at that moment we have to go crazy looking for points to continue evolution, 150 points would be a perfect amount

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One and a half actually :joy::joy:

9 plus 2 is 11

1000 points would be the QOL change for year 2021

I mean, training dojo gives 1 and a half points

No, we don’t need 150 training points. That would be unnecessary and it doesn’t make much sense to have training at 150 oints because then we could train our monsters to their full evolution in one go without having to gain more training points. It is better to make training take a little bit longer. I just don’t like having the training points stop at 99 when it could be at one more. btw I typed this response with my eyes closed.

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yes but it makes it jump from 9 training points to 11 not 10 most of the time which is bad.

the cards are cool. I just don’t want to be stuck at 9 training points or 11 training points because then I have to waste them to get it back to 0 or 10

Man, we already spent enough work to gather the gems and then we have to be lucky that the desired egg hatches, let’s go what is really unnecessary here is that we have to lose more time collecting points

I know, which is why I am advocating for an increase in max training points.

150 max training points
Available after HR 150

Once we reached HR 200 just give unlimited Silver, training points and standard ingredients, because it’s safe to say by then the excitement has worn off and it’s just a grind.