just do it devs

srsly cant we just increase the traning limit for players above rank 150 from 99 to somthing like 200?
it sraly is toooo frustrating evolving and training something you got and ruins the hype …
tnx in advance for the consideration


Yeah, we have been asking for a long time now

Thank you for the feedback. We will consider it.


Indeed, especially because when we hatch eggs, we hatch a lot simultaneosly and then wait for a month before hatching again. This means that over the course of half that month, we have acquired 99 training points while we use it up in 2 sessions.
Come to think of it, I dont even think you can fully train a mythic or legendary with 99 training points…

Wile we are at it please increase the amount of youthfruits we can hold so we dont have to have to go sell a bunch of them every now and then just to do pvp etc

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I dont think that is a problem for most people. I only have 40 youthfruits haha. But it wont hurt having more for sure

Your a new player old players who dont really use the fruits anymore tend to have an acess amount im on 99/99 on both fruits and have to sell fruits everytime i do friend chest just to play the game

Or just sell alot of them at a time

Which only pushes the problem away for a few weeks.

Even if you dont have the issue it dont mean nobody else does

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Lock this thread it already served it’s purpose.

Of course…

You can’t, a legendary starts at 60 points for example, and you have to give it approximately 70 more points to be able to ultra evolve, 130 points more or less.

With auto training, it usually takes up to 140 training points. So 150-200 for a new limit would be great!

It definitely is a problem for veteran players. We don’t have any more monsters to train. We already have every epic and almost every SE so what’s left are new legendaries and mythics which we rarely hatch.

I’m sure it is but remember that ‘veteran players’ aren’t ‘most players’. Not that I dont want increased de-aging fruits upper limit, I am just saying that it would be incredibly lucky if the devs do grant it as, I am pretty sure, most people dont face this problem

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