Torrentide moveset

Here it is:

If anyone is wondering, cryptblade + second SCB.

Kind of interesting, the obvious issue is that the dupes die after one Bloodcrave. So, I think this guy has the same problem as all of the other duplicators- too much to do and too little time to do it.

How do you got that so fast bro? Anyway thanks for sharing he looks good

Shivadragon still exists.

Yeah, I doubt that 200 extra hp is going to save them from recoil.

Hell never last to clone slayerbane then bloodcrave

Without stealth entrance, roaring entrance, shield entrance
Maybe it’ll die as soon as it get out.

Lol. Pathetic.

There never seems to be middle ground. Here we have some somewhat useless SE, meanwhile… there is also the chromera with extreme stats. 

Idk if the devs are assigning moves at random or it’s plain stupidity.