Thought's on BundleBlazer?

What do u guys think about the new SE PvP reward?


So its literally a 10 cost force skip unless your opponent has a backstab.

And a 10 cost force skip that can be returned to your own team at that. No thanks.

Stupid move set.

Very unique and interesting design. However, when it comes to PvP it is unfortunately not very usable because you cannot force someone to take a turn. The opponent will simply wait for the 30 seconds to pass then once they can they will give the monster straight back.

The only viable way to make this monster work in PvP is if you can set up a good stun on the enemy team, preferably on a stun absorber. Hence, to force skip the turn they will leave it also disabled for a long time.

However, I don’t think this is realistically possible enough of the time, especially because it can be cannibalised, sent back or backstabbed.

In PvE it’ll depend on what the AI likes to do with the monster. It might be worth running in a OoO lineup where you wait 100s then pass it to the enemy team. If the AI does badly with it this may be something to abuse and when you have it in your team you simply skip until 100s has passed.

P.S. If a good way to utilise bronzeshells in your own team comes up then this monster may have some good use. However, all we have right now is cannibalise token on Dusicyon and a few other niche uses for other monsters.

I’m groooooooooooooot


Is this monster one giant troll @Dev_VKC ?

Or is it a secret way to trigger our own death revenges? :thinking:


Only thing i liked about this monster is design… specially the initial form

They gave us a better dragulus as a SE. So I won’t complain about this SE !

wtf is this monster? :joy:

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Give bronzeshells to your team , wait till all 3 enter the lineup and use the curse.
An effective way to remove shells !!
Oh wait, you added your team :unamused::unamused:


Could be useful in throw endgame, add 3 shells between those rocks to throw

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The only thing I see with this is maybe helping peng sba get cranked up a notch but otherwise I’m laughing. It’s too late for April fools @Dev_VKC

I think the monster is good. Just require the right strategy.

Works well in OoO situation where you hide a key monster behind him and when the opponent is asleep you kill him to bring in your key monsters.

Play weak OoO monster lets say epic so you kill them easly to bring key monsters and start owning from there.

I would rate him A to S teir.

I might also consider this monster to be S+++ teir if the damage inflicted back is not able to kill ur own monsters

If it can trigger dr, oh boy @NMEGaryOak

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I won’t be using this monster.

If only angelion wasn’t a monster, this would’ve been insane before the ■■■■ tons of sleep immunes were added

Not seeing it.

His only move is to skip to 100 and pass to the other team or kill his own team mates.

It makes no sense.

If you want to put a token on the other team you can use shells or boxjaws. They cant be given back to you, and most SEs generate 2 shells or jaws for their 10 cost as opposed to this guy.

He seems like a 10 cost box jaw that you are putting on your own team to pass to the other guy after 100s.

Right, anything bad you are doing to the other guy you have to do it to yourself first.

Im excited to see how AI plays this monster :joy: Hope its something like prebuff geo that backstabbed anything, charged sweeper, TT before its turn, anything important you name it

It’s gonna be a pass the parcel monster. “You take it” no “you take it back”