Player using same evolution line multiple times

Hello everyone,

I’m a somewhat new neo player, and ideally I wouldn’t want to start my time on the forum with a complaint, but I noticed while playing against someone in pvp that they had both a thordragon and a thordrake in their lineup.


You sure it wasn’t mirror revenge?


It was different stages of that same mon plus if it was a horror claw it would be on the battlefiled

Also can I know his fl

Looks like you probably killed an enemy with mirror revenge with your Thordragon so he got a copy of your Thordragon added next in line.

Yeah, the fact YOU have a Thordragon is no coincidence. He must’ve had a Crimseias (a red phoenix/sparrow)

Or spookoid or horrorclaw

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Someone he needs to specific

He said there wasn’t any Horrorclaw, and I trust him on that

(…or do I?)

Also yeah it could’ve well been a Spookoid, even though Crimseias is guaranteed to Mirror and Spookey is not

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who know he needs to give us more info, can you tell me about his fl @fran_fortu

It was @RIOK who said it wasn’t a horrorclaw( or did OP clarify it somewhere and I am just blind?)

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It was me since he was saying that I thought it could not be a horroclaw

Oh you’re right. I mistook it for OP.

Ah sorry for the confusion everyone.
It was a horrorclaw, I think my thordragon had just done an ultrathunder all and taken out his 1 hp horrorclaw.


No problems!

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