Top 3 Gems and Duds

So after clearing the game and learning most of the Arkadions out there (with the exception of ‘uncatchables’) I’ve found that there are some that don’t get enough credit or at least aren’t well known…and others which I feel should never exist :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my own personal top three but I encourage others to give their own opinion on popular or unknown Arkadions below. You never know, you might learn something

Top 3 Hidden Gems

  1. Marspin
    One of few, and possibly the strongest user of the move: WeakenShot. An amazingly wonderful move that, when used, pretty much ensures a quick death to your opponents via a complete parameter drop. Try this move alongside a PlasmoRex and a decent tank as a starting line, puts a sock in any PvP players who try early sweeps with strong Arkadions

  2. Anubis
    Not particularly easy to acquire but I consider it to be one of the best support Arkadions thus far. With Guardian AND Offering it has enough defence to withstand attacks and can be used to heal when it’s at it’s end. Especially deadly when used alongside other tanks

  3. Gremknight
    Another fusion but easily acquired early game. I was torn between this and Snowja as a top three but the latter is extremely difficult to get (Golden Egg) The reason I love this Arkadion is because it’s a stunner that can actually take hits without dying straight off the bat. Great move set too, able to mess with the battle order in a snap without having to sacrifice itself.

Top 3 Worst Arkadions

  1. Goldlamb
    One word. Weak. No fire power, draws in enemy attacks with a passive ability when it hardly has the defence to withstand much. Essentially the ‘Magikarp’ of Hunter Island. The only redeeming feature is WaterVoid and thankfully it has the decency to kill itself in the process

  2. Toucan
    Takes the crown for worst move set. Call Fire, Call Water, Call Earth, Ally wind…it doesn’t even call arkadions that help boost Ally Wind. I honestly don’t see the point except for messing up your party order

  3. Yetigo
    Having this in your party would basically be asking to kill yourself. One move that randomly picks anything (including itself) and hits it hard. More than often you’ll wipe out your own teammates before hitting the opponent

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I’ll have to give marspin a go then

I’d add like on more to your duds list

And my favorite, seedtooth

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I agree, hate seed tooth with a passion but it didn’t make my list because its able to make itself ‘stronger’ as well as give out a resistance buff.

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Oh god, seedtooth. Everybody hates seedtooth.

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I disagree.

Seedtooth has evolved into an arkadion that has helped me VERY far into the game. I have used it with Skullwraith so long they might as well be best buddies now - and don’t tell me you just mean seedtooth and not its evolutions, because let’s face it, a lot of arkadions with evolutions aren’t very good at first. LOL. Just look at the hatchlings. :slight_smile:

Toucan: I disagree. Have you taken a look at that last move? It’s its only offensive move - but holy mackerel, it’s powerful for a 6*. It’s almost one shotting everything, and in boss fights, it does more damage than my starter which is 1) the same element 2) two levels higher 3) the same rank 4) a higher grade and 5) has more base magical power than Toucan (Ally Wind is magical).

HOWEVER, I must add something: I have seven other air arkadions in my team… so that’s maybe why it seems so powerful to me. But even then, I think this is enough to remove it from your top 3 worst arkadions. It’s not the worst. I agree with Deadpool, Gustbat/Galebat sucks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Suggestions for top, in no order:

  1. Voltiger. Man, I regret to overlook this one when I first completed the story. It’s very good.

  2. Bouldon. My favorite “common.” I still have one in my team, actually, and it’s a great detonator and packs a good punch.

  3. Pengboss. Very good starter tank and definitely easier to get than Stegodon, Metallodious, or Barricadus.

  4. Solama. Terribly good attack, for its rank!

  5. Chopperbug. Now, hear me out. Jemni helped me with this one, and though it’s only a 4* (that’s right, folks) it has KILLER moves. Time Strike, Bolster, Stun Skin? OH YEAH. This little bugger (no pun intended, I swear) deserves a big hug.

Suggestions for the worst, in no order:

  1. Mantisword. Really? Really? Now, I may be misjudging this guy, but as far as I know Mantisword summons no good arkadions, dies after it summons, and is generally not a good attacker. Firequeen doesn’t summon strong arkadions easier but at least she has a chance to live!

  2. Firesoldier. Sorry, but… no. I beat that quest full of firesoldiers very easily, as in, under a few minutes. It wasn’t hard at all. The only thing I see a use for here is Firequeen.

  3. Bitefish/Biteschool. Is it just me, or are these guys just really weak? They do almost nothing to my team. 

  4. Aerodactyl. Same as Biteschool, where is their power? They sort of tarnish the dragon name, here.

  5. Blazewing. See above.

Thoughts? Just because I listed something doesn’t mean I’m totally sticking with it. I want to hear suggestions!

Good thread, Sly. :slight_smile:

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Argh how could I forget Chopperbug? That thing is beast, although Gremnight has pretty much the same move set and can tank it out.but I totally agree. I didn’t want to mention anything like Voltiger since they’re well known but I don’t discredit them

As with Toucan, it’s incredibly weak on its own thats why I understand it having Ally Wind…but really? Does it need all the call abilities? The only battles where you need to call certain elements would be against the Pirates or Nests, everything else is multitype and you’d be wasting turns calling

Blaze wing

All of these are what I call ‘Gimick’ Monsters, essentially they’re in the game as easy exp and a reprieve in between fights. A balance to highly powered Arkadions if you will. I don’t consider them ‘bad’ because they were intended this way. As where I feel that Goldlamb, Toucan and Yetigo where supposed to be better than they are

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Hey, those “duds” are very useful. They can be thrown at enemies, eaten to heal stronger monsters, turned into much stronger ones via Polymorph, etc…

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In Arena, Hunter Battles, or Hunter Tests you face an opponent you might not know about. Some times they have very strong arkadions, and your best arkadions (that are against their element) will be at the end of your line up or scattered about. Then that is when you use the Call skills.

Still, I think Toucan isn’t one of the worst arkadions. Maybe Rockoid… but it has void abilities and I find them very good.

@Ashley: by themselves, I’m assuming :stuck_out_tongue:

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Useful as canon fodder, yes. Practicality in battle, none. Iv based the list on the way they’ve been set up to be used in battle. That’s why Goldlamb is no. 1 for me. It’s whole…creation doesn’t make any sense. It’s like a mismatch of different Arkadion without the stats to help

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Haha I know. I had to give SOME credit to them, though :slight_smile:

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Goldlamb/Goldfleece has a sleeper ability and its watervoid. I used goldfleece for a while, but replaced it with shrubtooth later on.

I can’t say anything about Yetigo, though… <_<

Also, I recommend Sabreshark. It’s good for such a low star.

Toucan: I’m still convinced it doesn’t deserve to be within the top 3 worst arkadions. It works a wonder for me…

How about Bluetail? It’s cute, but not very powerful. Breezehawk is close behind, but it’s faster I think. Pretty fast.

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Breeze hawk has the speed, good for beginners when you pick up it’s baby form. Blue tail is fairly ordinary although I haven’t used it enough to gauge it’s usefulness

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(i have 89, catching more today)

What are your thoughts on Aerodactyl? And Prickster?

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Aerodactyl…none strangely I don’t recall this Arkadion. A hole in my knowledge apparently

Prickster: Strange set up, not particular powerful. Used as a status changer more than anything else although poison isn’t that good compared with sleep and stun

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Gosh, sorry. By aerodactyl, I meant Pterosaur

And I see. :>

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Lol Kooka, getting dat pokemon on?

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I have never played Pokemon, I don’t know what you’re saying haha

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Sure Kooka >.>

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