Best Ark for each element

sooo, i didn’t see a topic like this one the i thought of creatin one :slight_smile: as the title says i’d like to know your thought about the strongest arkadions for each element, this can be useful for anyone starting as those ones trying to make a good team.

SO as probably everyone knows there are 7 elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Shadow(dark), Holy, Elementless.

every element has another element which is strong against, and another one who’s weak against (talkin about the four principal elements) the last three are a bit different, anyway here it it the “strong vs and weak vs”:

Fire>Earth  and Fire<Water

Water>Fire and Water<Air

Earth>Air and Earth<Fire

Air>Water and Air<Earth

the other elemnts are a bit different:

Shadow<Holy but it’s quite strong against others elements.

Then, Holy>Shadow but it’s a bit weak against others elements.

in the end the elementless these types are weak only against other elementess.

after this long and i don’t know if useful explanation :rolleyes:  let’s start with the topic, soo everyone post your thoughts like this (just to make it in order):








and if you’d like motivate your thoughts :smiley:

thanks everyone who helps/reads (and sorry if there are errors i didn’t see, i’m not really good at writing in english :unsure: )

Element less is a toss up between the Omegawyrm and Arkwing for me.

The Omegawyrm may have the lead in terms of stars but it has two matching AoE attacks and could really do with a single enemy attack such as Taxhyon, which kind of makes me tend towards Arkwing.

As far as availability, my opinion:

Fire: 1st infernowyrm (gold egg), 2nd Frillzeon (gold egg), 3rd magmawyrm (fusion)
Wind: 1st don penguini (orlen town), 2nd gremknight (fusion), 3rd typhonwyrm (fusion), honorable mention to raijin (fusion) and archionis (uncommon)
Water: 1st kamiwyrm (not available legitly for a long time), 1st dreadwolf (fusion), 2nd coldheart (gift), 3rd subzeratops (gold egg)
Earth: 1st vegitiger (gold egg/pvp), 2nd stegospike (gold egg), 3rd tremorback (fusion), honorable mention to stegodon (uncommon)
Angel: 1st angelron (fusion), 2nd luxknight (fusion), 3rd astroleon (gold egg)
Death: GOD Destructor (online mission), 1st barricadus (fusion), 2ndnecrodark (challange), 3rd tied shadowlance (fusion) or plasmorex (fusion), I prefer shadowlance though
Elementless: 1st omegawyrm (fusion), 2nd arkwing (challange), 3rd nilomoth (fusion)

Why u guys like gremknight so much?

Fire: Infernowyrm, Charcalynx, Minoblast, Vulcawolf, Goldenhorn. Charcalynx is first if you know how to use him.

Water: kamiwyrm (though the only people that have him are betas or those who aren’t legit), Dreadwolf, Subzeratops, Snowja

Wind: Stegospike, don penguini

Earth: vegitiger, Rooknight, tremorback

Holy: Angelon, Pegasion, Astroleon

Shadow: Destructor, bloodclaw, Necodrake, barricadus

Elementless: Omegawyrm, minespider, arkwing.


  • is tanky

  • is strong

  • has time strike

  • has stun skin

  • is cute

(I’ll put my list later)

Fire: Lavagant

Water: Cryowyrm

Earth: Gigarock

Air: Cyberwyrm

Death: Roidguard

Holy: Guardiron

Elementless: Omegawyrm

Those don’t count. Ahahaha

Besides, I’d imagine that hydrablazer would be better than lavagant…then again, I’m not familiar with those fellas. Hydra just looks cooler. xD

Hydra looks cooler but is half useful on a good day

The only one I disagree with on Ashley’s list is roidguard and that’s because I think the main contender is Gearwolf.

Most aggressive Arkadion out of all of them and fairly fast as well.

That, and Gearwolf looks sooo much cooler than Roidguard imo.

And style is half of the battle ;).

Ahahaha. Well, I’m biased, as I love dogs…but meh.

That depends on how we’re defining “best”. Gearwolf does more damage, but Roidguard is far better overall. Not only does it stun (both when it dies and with abilities), but it can summon nearly infinite little droneguards that also can stun. And all those droneguards can be used to do even more damage than Gearwolf can do, or can be used to heal, or etc. 

Very strategic monster. 

And what does Gearwolf do? Damage… damage… more damage… nothing strategic about it. It can die in 1 hit from holy monsters. Very vulnerable. 

So can Roidguard, but at least Roidguard stuns when it does. 

Edit: actually, Roidguard can do huge damage with its Bloodmagic using its own summons. It does 4,500 damage at level 99. Not quite what Gearwolf can do, but this is on top of all the other things it can do.

Sounds like a challenge

*cracks knuckles and prepares to DDDDDUEEEEEEEELLLL*

(Ten brownie points for that reference)

I prefer Kamiwyrm to Cryowyrm, just saying.

Have you used either of them? I’ve used both of them (they’re both in my PvP team). And… yeah. Cryowyrm is far better.

Edit: actually, on second thought, I may change my opinion on that. Cryowyrm has its army attack, fang break (to lower the attack and magic of enemies that hit it), and does high damage, but stasis and reincarnate make pretty strong arguments for Kamiwyrm.

As a Pokemon player, I’m a little wary of the large amount of water needed to power up ally/army frost.

I’m gonna go ahead and pull the “It looks better” argument here. Game over, my friend. :wink:

Lol. Believe in the heart of the cards monsters…good thing that this isn’t DIB, if you catch me drift.

Now…back on topic…I think that he meant the monsters currently available. xD

As a Pokemon player, I’m a little wary of the large amount of water needed to power up ally/army frost.

People who fight me can tell you that it can work out pretty well!

I’m gonna go ahead and pull the “It looks better” argument here. Game over, my friend.

My PvP team is built to destroy things, not sit there and look pretty :slight_smile:

@above, yeah it definitely works well.

And pfffft. My team is there to look pretty, and I’ve still beaten you. The arkadion gods are sending you a sign, young one. You must…BELIEVE.

naw, I’m kiddin. But still, monsters can be pretty and powerful…besides, you know it’s not all about the monster.

I have nothing against Gearwolf :slight_smile: but there are only 15 spots… sacrifices must be made.

Ahaha. Fair enough. Well, you stick with your Roidguard.

I’ll just be sittin there with my holy monsters for the next time we battle :wink:

…you didn’t change your team again, right?