Your LEAST favorite Arkadion

There’s already a “favorite” thread, so why not an opposite? Pick the Arkadion you least like and explain why. We aren’t nesessarily judging on how it does in battle.

Mine would probably have to be Stormfox.

It looks bad.

It IS bad.

It looks like a Holy element Arkadion.

It isn’t really a Holy element Arkadion.

Its good moves are overshadowed by its bad stats.

Mantisword…such a disappointment…sorry guys…

Stormfox? It has flash bomb. That’s enough for me to get it off my least favorites.

My least favorite arkadion, hm. It’s probably rockoid.

I don’t know. Whenever I see rockoid I just get frustrated. It’s taunting me with its evil little smile. 

I want to catch one.

no, kooka, i’m going to fire void when you don’t even have fire arkadions in your team

I’m trying to kill one.

no, kooka, i’m going to earth void because i would rather sacrifice myself for something my arkadions are already weak in than die by your air arkadions

I ignore one.

haha no kooka i’m going to stay alive and annoy your party until you attack and then i’ll use void again

Goldlamb, my hate on this Arkadion has already been pointed out in another thread lol

Yetigo… Probably the most useless ark in HI history, I mean seriously, it uses a attack that may deal damage to your team and is not even powerful! Not to mention that’s his only skill…

Holy crud if I had remembered Yetigo I’d put it in the OP.

I was laughing so hard when I was about to lose and then it just…

killed itself

Least favourite you just asked? The one and only dynabird, what is the purpose, he just so much like angry bird and his skill just like an agry bird! He is a ripoff fromangry bird!

The starters because they never spawn for me. =]

Mantisword. So much potential :frowning:

You do realize there are a few other salutes to other famous things in HI, right? This is just one of the more obvious ones

Blockadus…just an unattractive monster in my opinion

Yetigo is by far my absolute least favorite…when i see i kill with fire

Bouldon, followed closely behind by Mechadino. I say this based not on my experience using them in battle, but based on fighting them in the infinite dungeon. Nothing worse than Bouldons that constantly explode and do massive damage to my team in nearly every fight. Mechadino’s use of roulette to 1 hit kill my monsters isn’t very pleasing, either. But I put him in second place because he does me the occasional favor of killing himself or another enemy.

My least favorite is also stormfox it’s flash bomb is so annoying it sacrifices itself but it still sets back all my monsters 200Tu which if the opponent has several stomfoxes can make the battle almost impossible

Least favorite?I dont like freezebear much.SOO much potential,but its stats are just outmatched by my other Arcadians.(note,1/3 of my team is water,including Marspin,cold heart,tidal whale,Searex,and glazio

frost jack… first one i saw got the first move and used air void before i knew what happened.

Bluechick, it spawns too many times when i am looking for a hatchling.

… Are you sure they’re bluechicks and not blueys…?

haha, jkjk, but it happened to me before

Moji everything it does kills it

My least favourite is seaspine it just blocks every move that I use it even blocks captures