Top 10 recommend

I’m almost at the end of the campaign but only now I have decided to go and catch the ones I actually want. All thanks to finding these forums by the way. So thank you for that. What’s your Top 10 Ark’s?

Depends on what you meanby top ten. Top ten favorites or top ten strongest? Single player or pvp? Dunno what you want so I am just gonna my favs.

  1. Omegawyrm
  2. Halopard
  3. Angelon
  4. Minespider
  5. Knighthawk
  6. Vegitiger
  7. Gremknight
  8. Chopperbug
  9. Luxknight
  10. Frostkit (cuteness lvls OP need nerfs)

Lol cuteness needs nerf:p

Below are my personal opinions:

Best tank: Shadowstalker - no elemental weakneess and Mysticbane currently performs very poorly.

Best single hitter (not considering xeno attacks): Omegawyrm - Vegence

Best counter: Vegitiger - 4 banes

Best support: Angelon or Halodpad

Best AOE: Frillzeon - Army Flame or Mine spider - Time Bomb

Totally agree with First.

A bit additional of comment on his though.

Best tank: Shadowstalker + Mossgolem’s Last Will.

Best Single hitter: Omegawyrm’s Vengeance - has to be one of the last arks alive.

Best Ark to turn the losing to winning situation: Raioh for its stun gift + other ark’s aoes & stego (to be nerfed in near future).

Best support: Halopard by a mile! Reinforce is an ultimate move, haste! offering!! and it even can do pretty decent offensive move!!!

Brilliance :slight_smile: