Most Useless Ark

I’m just curious, what would you rank as the most useless arks?

Also, arks with high levels that are not very good.

Gustbat, or fire ant (before he evolves)

Biteschool haha theyre only good for fighting at but not fighting with

This is a no contest cause YETIGO is by far the most USELESS ark in existence

Yetigo is useless, but if we are talking damage wise.

Fire worker. Hands down.

Megalorex. 8.5 stars. Turns your team into an all you can eat buffet.

Megalorex is useless??? well I don’t have 1 so I wouldn’t know :frowning:

Trust me it spends more time killing off your own arks with devour than the enemy arks.

So it has devour which is to heal right so what’s the problem with that

It also has the berserk ability which means that it does watever the heck it wants and you cant control it at all. So sometimes it makes an attack or 2 and when it gets a tiny little scratch, it will devour your team.

Hmm i see but I wouldn’t know unless I have 1 so yeah

Omegawyrm, he’s just the worst, he can’t even kill a gustbat…

Thats what i meant not fire ant XD sometimes im such a airhead

And i sure hope your kidding ken, because he is among the best in the game

After looking at Firequeen why did the devs even waste time in creating her? She cannot even inflict damage and she’s terribly weak and she creates terrifyingly frightening… fireworkers :stuck_out_tongue: Can someone tell me the use of this thing? At least Fireworker and his evolution are just one ark and not a combination of FOUR lol

Them firesoldiers make good throwing ammunition and snacks.

Ah okay but she really doesn’t look like she can take the hit for long. :confused:

Fire Soldier is amazing.  That’s my PvP line up. I have the best win loss ratio!

Firequeen at least does stuff strategy wise.

Fire workers. Are useless. Only good for munchies for your arks.


Moji can atleast heal, but it always dies first on me to