Your rarest arkadions?

What are your rarest arkadions? 

(From egg draw or catching, fusion, Missions…)

Which experiences do you have with them?

And do they have special attacks?

If you  post this informations, we could see which arkadions are the rarest to get and if theyre woth it!

My rarest/best are:

  1. Snowja (Gold egg draw)   (Special attack: Xenoblade, 2993-3658 damage!!, You can use another attack of him to reach 700% of this, and he can also use slaughter. In combo, hes able to kill 3 in a row, even wyrms.)

  2. Megalorex (Mission egg draw) (Beserk type, chooses own targets and attacks,  special attack: Stiff Bash, usually 1 hit, even at destructor! But be careful, sometimes, he keeps healing himself with eating yout team members, so put him to the last place)

  3. Angelon (Fusion) (Best attack: Split, 2071-2532 damage, he got much hp so hes a tank too) 

  4. Coldheart (Gift) (Allrounder)              

There is no “rarest” monster. They are all difficult to get. They also have ups and downs.

Snowja is a good monster, but a bane move or a Typhonwyrm using vengeance can crush it.

Now…Charcalynx involves more strategy, focusing on chipping away enemies at first, protecting and healing it, and then annihilating enemies.

Stegospike is too powerful atm…but he is great as a protector with Charca, along with barricadus and angelon.

Destructor is decent…risky though.

Subzeratops and Goldenhorn are very well-rounded. They can protect, and go all out and destroy. Subzeratop’s chain slow is very useful combined with haste-users and a heavy hitter. Also a good supporter for Charcalynx in barricadus’ place.

Anubis isn’t too good tbh…that’s just my opinion.

Minespider is the bomb…literally and figuratively. Useful to take out your strongest foes…but place him strategically so he doesn’t die.

Then there’s omegawyrm, other fused wyrms, and dreadwolf/tremorback. Great monsters.

If you don’t want sdread and tremor as last standers, Don Penguini works too…although I like to use his aftermath.

Vulcawolf is a good avenger, like the wyrms.

Pegasion…great opener, as Dark monsters are fairly common in openers. Besides, it’s send back can help you mold your team so you don’t begin with a huge disadvantage. It can save your heavy hitter after it goes, too.

Frillzeon is great with fire allies. A Goldenhorn+vulcawolf+frills won combo can take down four enemies in PVP easily…but if your opponent has a water monster…uh-oh.

Bloodclaw is great for single player…but it’ll get crushed in PvP. I don’t recommend it.

Astroleon is a nice holy monster, but Pegasion and Angelon are better strategically.

Infernowyrm should not be used in PVP in my opinion. It’ll die quickly. I’ve never had it last for a long time. It’s suicide…literally.

Vegitiger is the bane of all monsters…well, almost. It can take out massive HP from a single foe…a quick beastbane, vengeance, feud spear, armyflame, brash burst, etc would all crush it though.

Did I forget anything?

…oh yeah…ark wing is great to have in PVP. Nice damage, guaranteed S rank…

Necodrake and Plasmorex…again, very easy to kill.

Rooknight is one of the few stunners that don’t require death, AND can speed itself up, AND can strengthen itself. Pair it with Stegospike and Subzeratops and you’re good. Speed yourself up, protect your stunners, stun, slow enemies, stun, increase attack by a lot, crush foes.

Id probably have to say infernowyrm , minoblast, and omegawyrm.

Pegasion, Vegitiger and Omegawyrm

Does anyone have this kamiwyrm you get in pvp ? Seems to be a good monster?

I’d be interested in Angelon! I’m thinking about buying the recipe (1200 Gold, i think). Is it worth it? Or can you get it in the game anyway? What Archedions do you need to fuse it?

Dont buy for gold, you get it in game when finishing the story.

Ah, I thought so. Just got the recipe for Plasmorex, which I intended to buy and it’s good to know, that with Angelon etc. it is the same :slight_smile:


So, what Archedions is it made of?

Cherubion and Leviathan

All recipes are obtainable in game dont waste the gold

Vegitiger and minespider :slight_smile:


Okay, that doesn’t count.

My “rarest” is… dun dun dun… a typhonwyrm.

LOL YEAH i’m not really good. <_< ;

Same here Kook. :expressionless:




Angelon (Soon)

I love my Bloodclaw and Astroleon