Tooo old friends

HOWS EVERYONE DOING?!! Who remembers me from Geomon? :slight_smile:

your names certainly familiar, more than that, sorry :frowning:

Hehe. I’d like to meet you and befriend u. You seem nice and freindly.

I at least try to be^^

Im somewhat often in chat here :slight_smile:

Hello stranger!

I remember u!! Hi!

I remember you too, but I don’t think you remembered me. My username was Reset. :stuck_out_tongue: Welcome to the Hunter Island community!

What’s up goldphury, I remember you

Hey aethin.
Jjchen, wazzup buddy?
And reset, yah i remember you. You also commented on my leaving thread. How’s life bro?
Nightmare, how ya doin man?

Yeah you know me.  I remember you.  :)  

Pretty good, thanks dude. And what about you? 

I remember you!!

Hey, welcome!

Hey gold!Glad you’re here!Welcome back.

Hi there! I hope some people (cough) remember me! (puts hands together…)

Of course we do, dude!

You’re always on Touch and Geomon forumㄴ :smiley:

Of course i do.