So who remembers me ? Oxambi known ass Ambivalenz , so how many of our geomon players are actually on this interesting forum . ?

Man…everyone here talks about Geomon…I wish I could have had the chance to experience it. :frowning:

Its a shame that it shutdown but hopefully this game will create a similar community for you guys

Yo ambi! 

Welcome! Have a pleasent stay. :slight_smile:

A lot of Geomon players flocked to Hunter Island. It’s a real attractive game.

Welcome to the forums, Ambi. :slight_smile:

yes lol

thanks for accepting me :slight_smile:

hey ambi!

Hiiii :slight_smile:

Hey Ambi!

I haven’t seen you for a long time!

Yea man , we all been seperated for a while lol.

Hope this is a good Geomon alternative and all of us can stay here for a long time :smiley:

Pretty sure it will be. For sure I’m staying with this one for a long time.

Lets hope this game doesnt have a random shut down !! And continues forever pretty much .

Haha it’s an influx of Geomon players

Welcome Ambi.

I expect and recommend that each and every ex-Geomon player try this game.  

You can just pretty much say this is the next geomon and lets make it better since geomon abandon us

Geomon didn’t really abandon us. They just went bankrupt. It was the game or them - which one did you think they would choose?

You can’t really blame them.

I don’t think this is “the next Geomon.” Geomon was a unique game. It was awesome, fun, and a very memorable experience. But I assure you, so will Hunter Island. So now we aren’t just agents. We’re agents and hunters.

(that was such a necessary speech)



but that means…


Kookaburra …looks like u really started the influx huh…

hmmm…so guess wont be long b4 u guys started on banner for hunter island …