Tukkun here!  I used to play Geomon under a different name, and have waited long for the arrival of HI.  Loving everything about it so far!

So yeah, hi!


Hi Tukkun! Welcome to the HI community! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. :>

You’re from Geomon? What was your username, if you don’t mind telling?


I wasn’t a huge member of Geomon, although I did play a ton.  I actually don’t remember exactly what my username was, but I think it was darkrye2 >.<


Darkrye2? Hm… that rings a bell somewhere, but I don’t think I ever saw you. Maybe someone talked about you or something. ^^; 

And if you played a lot, then you were a huge member of Geomon. ^^ Geomoners unite! Haha. 


Hey welcome to the forum!  So glad you’re enjoying the game!


Its good to see more of the Geomon community on here,

Maybe u recognize me ? I was the moderator Jeannette, in chat my name was green so I stood out so maybe:P


Ah-ha!  I remember you Jeannette, we used to talk once in a while.


Welcome to the forums :slight_smile: