Hello, you wandering geomon players!

Um, hi. I felt like saying hi because I kind of wanted to and also wanted to know who is on these forums that I don’t know of.

I felt like saying hello back to you :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, stormthunder! I’m Inferstrain!

Hi storm, Im jjchen1, hope to see you around the forums!

Hi, I’m not Reset

jk i am

Didn’t you make a topic before or at least post? Maybe on the “Geomon?” thread that has been buried under the mass of new ones? Yeah. ^^;

Welcome to the forums, stormthunder! Er, if I didn’t say that already haha

@Reset: Um, no. That was someone else I believe.


Reset, um, can you check the other forums too? I’m really having a difficult time continuing without you. Thanks!

And everyone else…can you guys visit too? There’s like no activity and I’m still feeling pretty attached to those forums.

Sorry for the awkward comment.


Hi, wel… oh, wait. I’m not a geomon player. 

Oh well… 

Aw Ashley, you are still welcome in our community. It’s technically the Geomon family with the Hunter Island family… :o

And yes, sure Storm. I was just a bit caught up in Hi for a while; I apologize.

Nah, its fine. I was just getting kind of desperate.

Ashley, you’re welcome into the geomon circle…

I never played Geomon, don’t know a thing about it :slight_smile:

I’m Destined :stuck_out_tongue: Nice to meet you c:

:smiley: its a me. Fly! although I think that was already noticed >_> me and my big mouth. Or keyboard I guess in this case…

Wait. One sec.

Does Fly=Flygon99???

Nice to meet ya’ll

Wait…destined…as in the destined mod/dragon cave/awesomebanner destined from geomon?

Yup. ^^

Hey :smiley:

I think you know me!



I had no idea sita was destined, but either way, welcome. ^^

Hey Storm,Bray here :stuck_out_tongue:

I had no idea Sita was destined either…

Oh, hi bray. Um, so is fly flygon99? Or a different fly?

I had no idea this many players went to this forum…slightly sad because esperclub is getting less and less active…

Flygon is indeed Flygon99.