Tips and Tricks for starter eggs

After about 2-3 days of trying to get Galey i finally came across him, so i used my last 100 gold coins to capture it but then that spicky arkamon blocked it (what a dog) then i had to use one of the lower cards which was a 83% chance of capturing it and it missed so i just threw my ipod out the window. So i dont make the same mistake can someone give me good tips or tricks for capturing these arkamons 

Kill everything else first before you try to catch the hatchlings, I guess…? The only arks you’ll have to worry about them sacrificing themselves for no reason is cherub and frostjack.

My line up for capturing those arks that suicide is 10 to 15 storm foxes (as they are easy to farm) with flash bomb with don penguin who has escape and my starter to kill off anything I don’t care about. When I see what I want I use all of my foxes one after the other and that puts the ark I am after to over 1000 tu before they can act. I then have some low level (level 1s who do very low damage often of the weaker element type than I am after) and poison arks (also level 1 or as low as possible so that the damage is very slow and low) that I use to slowly bring down the life of the ark before I try and capture it. If there are other arks that can block I take them out first. If the ark I am after can block I don’t attack any of the others till I have captured it first. This makes capturing even those arks who are a pain much easier to capture just using one if the silver cost cards. As soon as I have it I return to the town as the game doesn’t save till you get back to the town. I then often leave, move a square and then return to the town to make sure that nothing went screwy and that it did infact save the game. This is a very cheep and dirty way to ensure that you get the ark you want. Also my don penguin and starter are both at level 99 to maximize my capture percentages. I hope this helps you and others who may e having trouble capturing an ark. This works for starts, rares and any other ark you may wish to capture.

there’s a way to prevent cherub from sacrificing itself and catching it everytime though, i’ve done it myself.

Had the same thing happen to me, when I encountered Leafy. That spikey ball blocked my gold card… so yeah. You only make this mistake once, I guess. Particularly annoying when it’s your last gold you spent, sorry :frowning: you’re not alone with this. Just kill everything else in the future. When it comes to Cherub and its sacrifice then you pretty much have to depend on it being too slow to kill itself

i use a 2 monster combo + metalodius to escape that catches cherub every single time, they never get a chance to even move and i always get 100% with the 1500S card, kinda what bob said but he’s overcomplicating it a lot more than you need to. 

with hatchlings if you wait until you have a lvl 99 the chance is 97%, much better than 83%, its worth getting one to 99 first in my opinion. out of the 15 times i have tried to catch them at 97% i’ve only missed one D rank ashie.

yeah i got 3 of my arks to lvl 99 but i still cant find galey its been like 2 days straight already i think the Galey i killed was the last one they might of gone extinct.Or i have the worst luck in the world .

I dont know why yall use the gold catch for that’s just waste of 100 gold :confused: just use the silver the percentage is always decent…tho it can break free but take the gamble :slight_smile:

wow that kind of sucks jesse whenever i find a hatchling or a starter i just throw the 2nd sliver card 97% and hope i catch it XD

Lol once I failed a 99% card, but luckily it wasn’t a rare arkadion

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